Weekend Recap: Ups and Downs

This weekend started out rough. I was at a conference Tuesday through Friday last week, and Friday was a “networking ski day”, where we’d get to ski Park City and make connections on the slopes. Having done some business ski trips in the past, I knew that the chairlifts are an excellent time to make connections and get into good conversations, and I was really excited about it! I got really nervous after spraining my foot that I wouldn’t be able {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Rest and Recovery

This weekend was a bit lower key than most, thanks to an unfortunate incident last Monday. Although I spent most of last weekend skiing (and taking some risks with tougher trails), it was while stepping off a curb at Palm Beach Airport that I rolled my foot with all my weight on it. I was able to walk it off that night, but it continued to hurt up until I went to bed, and when I woke up in the {Read More}

Weekend Recap: All the Skiing and All the Zoodles

Work has really been stressing me out these last few weeks, and I haven’t been sleeping well as a result. I know the importance of sleep, and did my best to prioritize it, but many nights I would just wake up in the middle of the night worrying and unable to get back to sleep – so I’d get up at 3am and start my day then. I was surprised to find that even on such little sleep, I was {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Family Trip to Vermont

I wrote a few weeks ago about my grandmother’s passing on my father’s side. Because my Babcie lived in Warsaw, Poland, it was quite a struggle for my whole family to get there on short notice. In the end, my father went to represent our family, and my brothers and I planned a special trip up to spend time with him when he got back; we are also planning separate trips to Poland later in the year, when we’ll have {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Beaver Creek Culinary Weekend

Weekend recap a week behind… it’s been a rough week! But I’ll post last weekend’s tonight, and hopefully will do this weekend’s tomorrow. I want this documented for my own personal diary to look back on later ;) Later this spring, I was planning on buying a condo in the mountains. (I’m no longer sure whether that’s financially possible for me due to some major upsets this week, but we’ll see.) To help me make a well-informed decision, I decided {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Welcome 2018!

My first weekend of the new year was also my last weekend of my holiday break. I was bummed not to have gotten more done in my two weeks at home, but I also felt pretty relaxed going into the weekend. Maybe there’s something to be said for doing nothing on occasion? This weekend, I didn’t have a lot planned up front – but at the last minute, some fun stuff came together and turned it into a pretty great {Read More}

An Ode to my iPod Nano

Ever since December, I’ve been trying to clean out my house and get a rid of a ton of stuff. And for the most part, I’ve been pretty successful! I’m not following Marie Kondo or anything, but I have been replacing things in my house that were placeholders with new pieces that, as corny as it sounds, genuinely give me joy. One thing that I haven’t gotten rid of or replaced, though, is my clock radio, circa 2003. Let’s be honest, {Read More}

January Goal Progress: Week 4 Check In

This weekend didn’t quite go the way I expected. I wrote on Thursday about how I had a weekend with almost nothing planned, and I was looking forward to reading, sipping tea, and getting a lot of work done. But my schedule ended up filling up rather quickly – which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to have some distractions. On Saturday morning, I went to a Meetup group that happened to be at the home of another Denver-area blogger – Karissa! {Read More}

Skiing is the New Golf

I’ve never learned how to golf, partly because I suck so much at mini-golf that I figured there was no point in embarrassing myself further. I’ve been forced to try driving ranges like Top Golf at company events, but those thankfully end up being a lot more socializing and lot less actually hitting balls. And then there was that time I was trying really hard to follow a coworker’s tips for good form, and hit the ball (what I thought was) {Read More}

TGI Flyday: Unexpectedly Looking Forward to the Weekend

Thursday = Flyday in consulting land, and with all the winter storms going on, I was a little worried I wouldn’t make it out tonight. The Dallas forecast was “snow and thunderstorms”, which is pretty much the worst possible forecast you can ever have in Texas, and so I was checking my flight status most of the afternoon, prepared for the worst. Fortunately, I’m in flight now, and psyched to finally be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Tomorrow is {Read More}