Low-Key Cooking and Cleaning

While my weekend was low-key, it was pretty darn fantastic, and I feel great about getting this week kicked off right. This weekend marks the start of the spring marathoning season for me – only one week’s break from now until I finish my 50 states!!! Crazy. Now I just have to hope I don’t get injured… On Friday, my mom came down from Albany (yes, in the midst of the big snowstorm). She took the Megabus so she wouldn’t {Read More}

Not my cup of cocoa

This afternoon at work, I was lagging and in need of some type of pick-me-up (low blood sugar? Maybe, I had eaten a light lunch). I went into the break room to grab coffee, and found myself contemplating the hot cocoa packets next to the coffee cups. Normally, I don’t like to drink my calories (I drink my coffee with no sugar and just a touch of skim milk), but I wondered exactly how much I’d be splurging to have {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Vegetarian Chili and TGI Friday’s Spinach Artichoke Dip

I promised you full writeups of my healthy Superbowl recipes, so here you go! I didn’t end up making the chicken because I ran out of parmesan, and the chili and dip was filling enough that I didn’t need it anyway. I’ll make that recipe another time and review it. Chili recipe notes:I use just one tbsp of olive oil – it’s still enough. This time, I skipped the turkey and replaced it with textured vegetable protein (TVP) to make {Read More}

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

With the Superbowl tomorrow, everyone on a diet is dreading a day typically full of chips, beer, and calorie-heavy snacks. There are a ton of articles with healthy recipes (check out Hungry-Girl and Poked and Prodded for some that look great). If you’re going to a party and you’re on a diet, bring your own yummies and try to avoid (or at least minimize) the other stuff. For my Superbowl plans, I’m running in the NYRR Gridiron Classic (4 miler) {Read More}

A is for Apple

Lately I’ve been snacking on apples a lot. There is a farmer’s market down in the square below my building (though Friday is their last day of the season! No fair), so I stop every few days and pick up a bunch of yummy orchard apples to keep at my desk. I usually eat one every morning around 10 or so as a mid-morning snack to get me through to lunch. I also happened to use an apple last night {Read More}