New Project: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

One of the best parts about consulting is how we move around from project to project, applying experience in one industry/situation to another. One month I’m working on a business case for a new product in the tech industry, the next, I’m writing change management communications for a pharmaceutical client. I’m always learning something new, and there’s definitely never any opportunity to get bored or complacent! That’s why I came back to consulting after a brief stint working “in industry” (as we {Read More}

September Goal Check In: Week 3

Can you believe it’s nearly October already?? 2016 has flown by, and it’s crazy to think there’s only one quarter left. I’m still trying to figure out what my October challenge is going to be, and part of that has been because I don’t know what my day-to-day life is going to look like. One of the stresses of consulting is that your lifestyle changes dramatically from project to project, and there isn’t usually much insight into what you’re going {Read More}

August Goal: PR in the 5K

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted my goal for the month of August goal yet. I’m not giving up on having a different goal each month this year, but this month I’ve had quite a few setbacks. Going into the start of the month, I was feeling really inspired by the Mammoth Running Escape (more recaps still to come), and was really excited for my August goal: to focus all my efforts on PRing in the 5K. I wanted {Read More}

June Goal Progress: Week 4 Check In

It’s the final week of my no-sugar month, and I am so excited. There have been enough temptations in the last week that I have seriously considered cheating just this once and having a cookie (or whatever). But I stuck with it, didn’t cheat, and I’m pretty proud of myself for that. And, it will make dessert taste all that much sweeter come Friday! Not really too much to report this week that’s different than last week, though. I think what {Read More}

May Goal Progress: Week 3 Check In

Oops, I totally missed doing an update last week! As I wrote last Wednesday, I gave up on tracking complaints over the weekend two weekends ago, but was attempting to get back to it last week. I didn’t quite get all the way back to the rigor of my tracking spreadsheet, but I still think I made a lot of progress. First, I finished reading A Complaint-Free World. Although I did find the book to be a bit lacking in tactical advice, it {Read More}

May Challenge: No Complaining

Apologies for saying I’d post Tuesday about my May goal and then just leaving you hanging! It’s been a busy week and as a bit of a continuation of last month’s challenge, I ended up prioritizing sleeping over staying up to blog. I can’t say I really regret that decision :) When I introduced my April challenge of sleeping eight hours a month, it was in part because I’ve been so slammed at work that I wasn’t taking time to {Read More}

How ClassPass Helps Me Commit to My Workouts

I’ve mentioned that I use ClassPass to book my workouts at boutique studios. For $99 a month, I get unlimited classes (up to three per month per studio) at a ton of studios I love! However, the other catch besides three classes per studio per month is that you can only sign up for classes a week in advance – and a lot of the studios that I like tend to fill up, sometimes even before availability is open to ClassPass {Read More}

Book Review: Mastering the Art of Quitting

The last two weeks have been rather crazy – lots of stress, some tears, and a lot of late nights at the office. I haven’t had nearly as much time to read as usual, but tonight I finally finished my latest book, and I really loved it! I first heard about Mastering The Art of Quitting: Why It Matters in Life, Love, and Work when I read about it in Tess Vigeland’s Leap, which I read last year. But just {Read More}

Stressed Out: Time to Take Action

It’s Monday, and… ugh. I had a pretty lonely and frustrating weekend, with the exception of a small get together to watch the Oscars last night. Is it sad and workaholic-ish that I’m excited to go back to work just to get away from my personal life? (Except also, not excited for work because it has gotten rather stressful with far too much for me to do. I need to clone myself to have any hope of tackling my ever-growing {Read More}

Learning to Ask For Help

This week marked the beginning of Lent, and while traditionally you give up something bad for the forty days, I decided that I was going to spend this Lenten season adding something positive instead. I promised myself that I will go to church at least once a week between now and Easter – and that while I’m at it, I’ll “church shop” and check out some new-to-me churches in my area. Although I was raised Catholic, I’m also going to {Read More}