Weekend Recap: Tiny Beautiful Things

Weekend of October 11-12 After a busy Friday of work, I was psyched for some really fun plans Friday night: dinner and a night at the theater with my friend Kelly and her family! I’ve gotten to know Kelly’s wonderful Aunt Ann and Uncle Jim at Kelly’s wedding eight years ago, and now am delighted to get to see them whenever they come to town. Our first stop was Zolo Grill in Boulder – a Mexican restaurant right in the {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Mom’s Fall Visit, Part 2

Weekend of October 4-6 My mom’s visit this fall was a full twelve days, extended from eight after I signed up for a half marathon in Louisville that I thought she would have fun spectating. However, with my stupid calf injury, I had to withdraw from the race and couldn’t run! I was really disappointed, though my physical therapist has been awesome and is helping me get back to running hopefully in two more weeks. On that note – I’ve been {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Mom’s Fall Visit!

Weekend of September 28-29 I rolled into this weekend pretty exhausted… but also pretty psyched. My mom is visiting Colorado for 11 days! My mom was due to get in at midnight on Thursday, so I booked my flight home from Chicago to arrive late as well, at 11pm. That meant I just had an hour to hang out at the airport and wait for her to arrive. I ended up making it into a date with a fellow traveler {Read More}

Finding the Three Ps: Place, Person, and Passion

My company has an amazing executive coaching center of excellence. Over the last two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to not only get to work with some of the great coaches they’ve hired, but also to become friends with one of the coaches who’s based in our Denver office. Last week, we were catching up at an office happy hour, and she told me about a neat concept that a mentor had taught her: Everyone goes through life seeking “the {Read More}

Completing My Workout Checklist

I wrote on Monday about getting inspired by watching Ironman Boulder. I didn’t necessarily get inspired to do an Ironman, but I did get inspired to start swimming and generally making more time for the fitness activities I love. I have never really been a big proponent of following a training plan, though I understand how beneficial that is if you’re training for a specific race. But for me, I’m just “training” to get in better shape – and I {Read More}

Rediscovering My Old Hobbies

While working on some of the talks I’m going to be giving at our senior associate training this fall, I’ve been going through the story of how I went from someone who couldn’t run a mile, to doing my first marathon, to a world record. However, my speech coach has been encouraging me to point out something I honestly hadn’t given much thought to before: that just because I picked up the new hobby of running didn’t mean that I {Read More}

First is the Worst

On Saturday morning, Adam dragged me out for a 3 mile run before breakfast. And when I say he dragged me out, I do mean that – I was whining and complaining the whole drive over to the park (yes, we drove to start our run) and probably most of the first mile as well. But as much as I hadn’t wanted to go for a run in the sticky Arizona heat (it’s 106°F!), when I finished I was sooo {Read More}

Weekend in review

Saturday was Relay for Life, and though I suppose it was a success, it was kind of a disappointment compared to other years that I’ve done it. How well the Relay goes is largely a function of how much effort you put into it beforehand, and as you all know, I didn’t put much effort in because I just planned to go 24 hours before. My last minute e-mail blitz to my friends and family resulted in donations of $10/mile, {Read More}