Getting back into a routine

This has been a strange week for me. Theodora wrote an interesting post last night about the importance of finding a routine – but this week, my routine has been way more disrupted than usual. First, there was the food poisoning. while in November I was pretty much getting a workout in every day (sometimes two or three in a day, if I opted to do multiple shorter ones instead of one big weight lifting or cardio session), that all {Read More}

7am… and I’m already spent!

Today, I was on a different flight than usual and didn’t need to be out the door to the airport until 6:30am. Bliss! To a consultant, that’s like the equivalent of sleeping till noon on a weekend :) Of course, for me, that meant something more than just extra sleep (and is it really extra when you’re working till midnight anyway?) – it meant that if I planned carefully, I could hit the gym for a very quick workout before {Read More}

Tabatas = So Freaking Amazing…

…if they don’t kill you. But, you know, in a good way. I didn’t end up running the Roxbury Marathon yesterday (take that, John!), in part due to a very scary experience Friday night. Major thanks to all of you who are my Facebook friends and tried to help – after a lot of discussion on Saturday, the consensus amongst my friends is that someone likely slipped something in my drink at happy hour. Very, very scary, but now I {Read More}

Tabatas, take 2

This morning, I had an 8am flight, but it was out of Miami Airport – which is a lot bigger (or at least takes longer to get through) than my usual LGA or JFK. This meant I had to leave for the airport by 6:30am, which in turn meant I had to get up very early if I wanted to get a workout in. I woke up at 5:30am and considered skipping the gym – but then I took a {Read More}