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TK’s suggestion has now become the topic of a Take It And Run Thursday post, so I’ve decided to recycle. One update to add: I totally avenged my DNF in San Francisco and got a new PR in the marathon! TK tagged me for a post, and for once, I’ve learned my lesson about not waiting to respond. I’m posting now instead of procrastinating! Check out her original post, which has a really interesting description and video, but the gist {Read More}

Great Running T-Shirts

Today’s Runners’ Lounge Take It And Run Thursday topic is all about great running t-shirts. Tom split up his entry into a few categories, and I think I’m going to do the same, with a few “awards” in each category. Category 1: My own race t-shirts Funniest: Okay, so this one is a little biased because I had it made myself. And even though it generated a little controversy when I wore it, I still really like it and think {Read More}

Am I a Runner? Part 2 of 2

Today’s Runners’ Lounge Take It And Run Thursday topic is particularly interesting to me, as it was actually partially inspired by one of my posts. You would think that meant that I could just link to that post and be done, but that one was a question: at what point do you define yourself as a runner? Today, find my eagerly awaited answer. You are a runner when… running is (part of) your life. You love to run and can’t {Read More}

Lying on the beach is a good form of training!

I’ve been meaning to do Take It And Run Thursday for monthly, but I am finally making the commitment. From now on, expect my contribution weekly. (If you don’t know what TIART is, check out the bottom of this post). I have a feeling that most people’s articles this week are going to be about how much they hate the heat and how to avoid running in it. Run on a treadmill, run in the early morning or late evening, {Read More}