App I Love: Duolingo

This isn’t going to be my typical app I love post. Usually, I write about apps that I love for their functionality. Today, however, I’m writing about an app that functions well… but that I love for its purpose and the goal behind it. I first heard about Duolingo from Ashley, who used it to help with her move to Switzerland and all the traveling she’s done from there. Last spring, when I was planning to go to Germany for {Read More}

App I Love: Buffer

Still not done with my Melbourne race report – it is coming though! And now I have a deadline because I just signed up for the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Arizona next weekend for Valentine’s Day. Getting all backed up on race reports seems like a dumb idea, because that’s when I end up never completing reports for some of my most epic races. So I need to get on the ball with this one, and am hoping to get {Read More}

App I Love: Adidas MiCoach (Plus: Numetrex Sports Bra and Motorola Droid Turbo Reviews)

Several months ago, I was invited to try some really cool new technology: a sports bra that uses “smart” fabric so that the sensing fibers are woven directly into the garment. By wearing the Numetrex Seamless Sports Bra, you can track your heart rate without having to use an uncomfortable heart rate monitor! I was pretty impressed… it definitely brings new meaning to the concept of “wearable” technology :) The sports bra wasn’t quite as tight as the New Balance {Read More}

Why I Turned Off Text Messaging Notifications (And You Should, Too)

Most of my friends know that I haaaaaaate text messaging (SMS) with a passion. If they want to get a timely response to something (or really, if they want to be assured of a response at all), they’re much better off sending it via email. Why? Well, my given rationale used to be that SMS is an outdated technology. We all have email on our phones these days, so what is the purpose of using an SMS to send a {Read More}

App Review: Clever To-Do List

Nope, this is not getting the title of an “App I Love”… though it’s not bad. Keep reading to find out why – you’ll learn a lot of best practices for to-do lists and productivity in the process. Whether you’re a long time reader or not, you probably know that I absolutely love making lists… especially to-do lists. (If you haven’t already, check out my two-part post of how I organize my to-do list to GSD.) I created that Excel {Read More}

Clearing the Slate to Achieve Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero. How many times have I written about this topic, considered by many to be the holy grail of productivity? Countless. And yet how many times have I actually achieved Inbox Zero? Wellllllll, I’ve gotten there many times on work email (hooray!), but when it comes to personal email… that answer is zero. Oops :( Part of the reason I haven’t yet been able to hit zero in either of my two personal inboxes is that I am not willing to {Read More}

Top Tips to Achieve Inbox Zero

Hey, remember when I made it a goal to hit Inbox Zero? I am still so far from hitting that with my personal and blog email. But at 4:30am today, this happened: That’s right, I hit Inbox Zero with my work email! Hooray for night shifts where I have a chance to send tons of emails out and won’t get replies until after I leave the office :) Basically, this is like the “offline attack” cited by Fast Company as one {Read More}

Sponsored Review: Nokia Lumia Icon

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Verizon Wireless. I’ve had Verizon Wireless as my service provider since I first got a cell phone – and that was a very conscious decision. While growing up in Albany, my parents made the choice for me, once I graduated college, the choice was up to me. However, with all of my business and leisure travels, I quickly learned that Verizon had the best service coverage of all – {Read More}

Inching Toward Inbox Zero

On Saturday, I mentioned that I’m buckling down and setting some new goals for myself – the DietBet that I talked about is one of my two personal goals that are part of my work team’s latest round of 6×6. (I didn’t write a recap post of the last round, but it went pretty well – I’d say I hit 90% success on three of the four goals, and 100% on #4.) This time around, DietBet is one of my {Read More}

App I Love: Rapportive

I think pretty much everyone has to send emails to people they don’t know on occasion. And it’s never fun when you make the assumption that “Leslie Smith” is a female… and he turns out to be a male. Oops. But I recently learned about a new add-on for Gmail that helps with that problem – and provides a lot of other benefits as well. Ramit Sethi did a short newsletter this week on Rapportive, and I initially figured I’d {Read More}