The Dumb Habit That Messed Up My Workouts

This week on Classpass, I was really excited when a class opened up at Bodybar. Bodybar normally costs $45 per class! (Yes, you read that right; no, it’s not a private session.) Bodybar’s classes are so expensive that DailyBurn profiled them in a roundup of the priciest fitness classes worth the splurge. They are a really awesome workout, more so than any other pilates class I’ve taken; however, I just can’t justify spending that kind of money on one workout. Bodybar is one of {Read More}

Sponsored: Watch TV Without the TV via NBC TVEverywhere

When I bought my house in March, I immediately signed up for internet… but didn’t sign up for cable. There are so many ways to watch my favorite shows that I just don’t see the point in paying for a cable subscription! Instead, I bought an AmazonBasics Indoor HDTV Antenna for each of my TVs, so that I could get free live TV when I’m home. But what about DVR, since I’m usually not sitting around when primetime shows are airing? For {Read More}

Giveaway: Kodiak Cakes and Movie Tickets

I’ve had a fabulous couple of days in Puerto Rico, but now I’m headed back to the mainland US for the weekend. Not to Colorado just yet though – I scheduled a 36 hour layover in Florida, where I’ll visit with a college friend (and get to meet her new baby!), then run the Melbourne Music Marathon on Sunday morning before I fly back home later that night. It should be a fun weekend! Right now, though, I have to {Read More}

Revising My Running Plans

Most people have a typical day they do long runs – and it’s usually Saturday or Sunday. Last week, though, I did my long run on Thursday. It worked out well because it was Thanksgiving and I had the day off from work, plus it gave me a ridiculous appetite for dinner! :) But I also needed to get it done then because Friday I was planning to go out to the mountains to ski, and I didn’t want to {Read More}

Fall Weekend Fun, Indoors and Out

This was a really packed weekend, and yet I still managed to get plenty of sleep. So basically, perfect! Friday night was a quiet night in for me (catching up How To Get Away With Murder = awesome), but Saturday morning I was up bright and early to head to a group run with Road Runner Sports Westminster. It had been a while since I’d been back to the group – and for that matter, it had been a while {Read More}

Get the Body of an Action Hero (Or at Least of the Actors Who Play Them)

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™. Last week, the movie buzz was all around Spirit of the Marathon II, and I was so lucky to have caught the sneak preview of it one week prior. It was so neat to get to see runners just like me achieve their marathon dreams! I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the feeling of crossing the finish line at a marathon never {Read More}

Review / Giveaway: Spirit of the Marathon II

Saturday’s Rock N Roll San Diego was one of the best I’ve been to a long time. I was really impressed with the array of vendors and brands there to represent, which included many of my favorites (hi, Westin!). But one of the booths offered something even more special than socks or protein bars – the promotional booth for Spirit of the Marathon II: Rome Marathon. Both Blake and I had entered a lottery before the race to win tickets {Read More}

What I’m watching/reading

Happy Monday! Or… Tuesday. But after getting insanely sick this weekend, sleeping for 30 out of 36 hours, and then having to move my travel schedule to fly out Tuesday morning… my brain is a bit confused. Usually, Sunday is when I go to bed super early in preparation for my early morning flight, Monday is the longest day of the week, and then by Tuesday I start to get on a normal schedule (just in time for me to fly {Read More}

Top Chef Restaurant Review: Social Eatz, by Angelo Sosa

My goodness, what a weekend! On Thursday, I had a work social event that ended up being pretty fruitful for me. I spoke with our CEO for about 20 minutes and the head of financial services for about 30, all about my thoughts on our integration (we were acquired a few months ago) and what cultural changes were still necessary to make it successful at the junior staff levels. On Friday, in the all day meetings we had, the CEO {Read More}

It’s Oscars night!

Yesterday, I finally made it out to see my first-and-only Oscars-nominated movie: The King’s Speech. WOW! It was fantastic. I could totally relate to all the vocal exercises that Bertie had to do, since that was pretty much what I did in voice class my whole first semester of college. Also like Bertie, I had vocal issues where my throat would kind of close up when I was nervous – which of course made it even worse because I would {Read More}