Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving Week

I normally only recap my weekends, since weekdays I typically work pretty late so there isn’t a lot to blog about. (Although I know it’s easy for you to check out my LinkedIn, I generally don’t blog about work stuff, or when I do, I try to keep it vague.) But this week was Thanksgiving week – and while I didn’t take any extra days off work, my mom and I celebrated Thanksgiving across multiple nights, starting on Tuesday. Long {Read More}

Thanksgiving for Nerds: Easy Excel Menu, Recipes, Automated Grocery List Maker, and Timeline

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only one week away?? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – so many wonderful people gathered around one table, so much delicious food, and so much glorious time spent prepping for it! Wait… what? I’m sure many of you are surprised at that last part. Many people seem to hate prepping for Thanksgiving because of the stress it creates. Thanksgiving dinner is a pretty high-profile meal, and everyone has their own expectations of what dishes {Read More}