January Challenge: Scheduling My To-Do List

Yesterday, I explained the concept of my one month, one challenge approach to this year’s resolutions. In that post, I talked about how inspiring I found my colleague Jullien’s webcast on getting a fresh start to the New Year, and how I was really motivated by what he said around goal stacking. However, another concept that really stuck with me (and formed the basis for my January challenge) is the idea of calendaring your goals. In Jullien’s New Year’s guide, he has {Read More}

App Review: Clever To-Do List

Nope, this is not getting the title of an “App I Love”… though it’s not bad. Keep reading to find out why – you’ll learn a lot of best practices for to-do lists and productivity in the process. Whether you’re a long time reader or not, you probably know that I absolutely love making lists… especially to-do lists. (If you haven’t already, check out my two-part post of how I organize my to-do list to GSD.) I created that Excel {Read More}

How I Developed My To-Do List to GSD: Part 2

When I wrote my last post about how I developed my to-do list to GSD, I promised a follow up to include some more advanced details of how I categorize and tag my tasks, a sample file, plus some reasons why this system works for me but may not work for you. And here it is! First off, let me start by offering a sample to-do list workbook for you to download. To be clear, this workbook isn’t even remotely {Read More}

How I Developed My To-Do List to GSD

As we approach the end of my month of GSD, I wanted to do a post about exactly how I GSD, and what my to-do list system is. I don’t use any super fancy tool (mine is actually a multisheet Excel workbook!) but I’ve refined it over the last few years so it really works for me. I’ve always kept my to-do list on the computer rather than writing it down. Even when I would hand write my to-do list {Read More}