Travel Thursday: Why Flying Is Getting Less Comfortable

This morning, the Economist published a piece on why flying in the summer is so hellish. Their words, not mine, though I agree with that sentiment! As someone who typically flies 45-50 weeks a year, I really dislike flying over summer break and any holiday periods, when airports get congested with infrequent travelers who don’t know the basic rules/etiquette. But, as the Economist points out, there’s more to it than just higher loads: summer thunderstorms cause many delays and cancellations, whose resolution is {Read More}

Travel Tool: Google Flights (vs ITA Matrix)

The countdown is on, and it’s only one day until the Blend Retreat opening ceremony! The last two years, I feel like I haven’t been terribly excited leading up to the event, but then when I get there and get into it, it’s amazing. This year, though, I am like a kid on Christmas Eve… I can’t wait till Julie and Mollie get to my place tonight! They are both flying in a night early and I’m really looking forward {Read More}

Travel Tip: Why Neither Tuesdays, Nor Sundays, Are the Best Days to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

I’ve written about this topic before, but after getting tons of emails today from friends asking about the topic, I decided it was worth a refresh. Various news articles, all based on the same study, have an update to the conventional “wisdom” (which is actually false) that you should always buy plane tickets on Tuesdays for the best prices. According to a new study, you’re now supposed to buy your tickets on Sundays for the biggest discount. However, before you {Read More}

Travel Tip: Choose Your Plane Seat Wisely (Then Act Accordingly)

To help keep all my fellow consultants feeling like one united front, we compile a monthly newsletter with a cutesy name. In addition to some business updates and other important info, we profile one staff member in a “get to know you” manner. And of course, one of the questions we ask is, “Window or Aisle?” Consultants know the answer to questions like this without hesitation, and will absolutely judge you on your own choice and rationale. We spend too {Read More}

Travel Tip: Remember, It’s Just Time and Money

When you’re focused on productivity, a lot of us find ourselves in the “time is money” mindset. You don’t want to waste time, and it kind of goes without saying that none of us want to waste money. But when you’re traveling, this mindset can get you in trouble – and it actually might be a good idea to just spend time and money. Sarah Von’s recent post on how to have a (nearly) stress-free trip reminded me of this lesson, and it’s one {Read More}

Travel Tip: How To Decide Which Hotel Points to Redeem

When I posted recently about my new partnership with Marriott Rewards, I mentioned that I have been a Starwood girl for the last few years. However, there’s definitely value in maintaining loyalty to a few programs! Sometimes there isn’t one of your preferred hotel chain’s properties in a place you need to go, and it’s nice to have some options. My business travel usually demands specific hotels, but when I travel for leisure and am using points to redeem free {Read More}

Friday Favorites: Marathon Accessories Edition

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Dove. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. It is taking me forever to write my NYC Marathon race report, though I did get part one up late last night (click to read if you missed it). But for those of you who thought that I would stop at 100 marathons, uh uh – I’m actually running my next {Read More}

Friday Favorites: Travel Edition

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do “Friday Favorites” where they post about their favorite products, but honestly, I’m not a huge “stuff” person. I’d much rather spend my money on traveling! However, I thought it could be neat to write about my favorite gear for traveling. Flying twice a week for the last few years has gotten me pretty attached to certain products. It’s really important to have a routine when you travel, and it can really mess you {Read More}

Travel Tip: Create Your Own Healthy Menu for Dining Out

This week, I heard about a pretty neat new startup through one of my favorite NYC health and fitness news sites, Well + Good. As someone who travels a ton for business (I’m on a plane right now as I write this!), I normally don’t have the luxury of bringing a packed lunch or cooking my own dinner. Unfortunately, when I’m faced with a big menu of choices, it can be difficult to steer myself away from the unhealthy options and {Read More}

Travel Tip: How to Use ITA Matrix

While chatting with a friend yesterday, she pointed out that I don’t talk much about travel on my blog. And yet, travel is one of my biggest passions! I used to work in pricing for an airline, and now work in travel/hospitality consulting; most of what I do all day relates to airlines and hotels, so I know a decent bit about the industry. But while I’ve said many times that the travel logistics were one of the toughest parts of {Read More}