Up in the Air: Five Tips to Beat Jetlag

Hello! You may be wondering why this post is coming to you at 3am. No, I haven’t gone on a Tuesday night bender – I’m in Rome! (Or, I was when I started writing this post – now, as my Twitter profile says, my location is “up in the air.”) The last week or so has been a whirlwind – despite having an amazing time celebrating Theodora‘s birthday in Puerto Rico, I’ve been working like mad to try to get {Read More}

Getting to the Race: Tips for Finding Cheap Airfare and Custom Itineraries

Recently, I posted about the financial implications of running marathons in each of the fifty states. At the same time, there were several bloggers who posted questions about how to save while traveling. There are a LOT of misconceptions out there about airlines and pricing, and since airline pricing is the one area where I’m “kind of a big deal” (ha), I thought I’d write a post clearing some things up. Some of this is taken from comments I posted {Read More}