Quarantine Goals, Take 2

Next week will mark two full months alone in quarantine for me… something I never imagined when this all began. And yet, I’m finding that I’m reasonably content. I miss my friends, and there are definitely bouts of loneliness. (As someone whose love language is touch, and who is always hugging friends, it’s nuts to me that I haven’t touched a single human in two months!) But I track my mood each day in the Daylio app on my phone, {Read More}

Treadmill Workout: Base-Building Endurance Run

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s almost April! Last weekend I finally noticed the snow becoming crusty in the morning and slushy in the afternoon… telltale signs that spring is here. In years past, I didn’t mind too much, because I loved not being freezing and didn’t care as much about the snow. But this year, I’ve got heated boots that have totally eliminated my need to stop for toe-warming breaks, and a lot more vert I’d like to {Read More}

Gym Review: Chuze Fitness

We’re already one week into the New Year – how are your resolutions going? I made a few, though am still adding more. (And I will hopefully do a post on these soon.) I always love New Year’s because it means a fresh start and a time when I’m reminded to reflect on what I may want to change in my life. But I also know that January 1 is just an arbitrary day, so this year, I’m lightening up {Read More}

I’m Going Streaking

I may be back from Cornell, and I may be sleeping in a glorious king-sized bed instead of a twin XL (thank goodness)… but that doesn’t mean I can’t go streaking, right? A few weeks ago, Runner’s World announced their annual running streak challenge: run at least a mile every single day from Memorial Day through July 4th. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m attempting to take on this challenge… and possibly even extend it all the way through {Read More}

Top Tips and Workouts to Learn to Love the Treadmill

Winter is here, and hopefully you’re not giving up on running just because it’s cold/snowy out? Take your workout indoors to the treadmill, and you might be surprised by the benefits. I was catching up on some back episodes of the Runner’s World podcast this weekend, and they did a segment featuring their editors trying out some new treadmills at Runner’s World headquarters. The editors emphasized how much they all hate running on treadmills and would much rather run outside, which surprised {Read More}

My Favorite Treadmill Speed Workout to PR in the 5K

I’ve been meaning to share my absolute favorite treadmill speed workout for a while. The sprints are short and fast, but the rest breaks come frequently enough that it always feels doable (even as I’m gasping for breath). And as for proof that it works? Stay tuned tomorrow for the full details, but I PRed again in the 5K last weekend. My finish time is coming down! So what is this magical workout I love? Well, it’s pretty easy to remember: {Read More}

Too Many Excuses

Yesterday, while sitting and working at my computer, I got a sudden pain in my neck shoulder. For a few minutes, I felt like I couldn’t breathe because it hurt so much, and then it subsided a bit and I was left with a dull ache – kind of like when you turn your neck too fast and then it hurts for a bit. (Except this had suddenly come on while I was sitting still.) It reminded me a bit {Read More}

If It’s Worth It, Make It Work

Tonight, I went out for happy hour with a friend who’s thinking of switching jobs, and who wanted to hear a little bit more about my company. I was completely transparent and told him both the good and the bad. No matter how great your company is, there will be some things about it that don’t work for everyone, and I think it’s better to be up front about that than have someone be surprised once they start working there. But {Read More}

A Compliment From My Treadmill Buddy

This morning, I was kind of tired, but still headed to my usual 6:15am Orangetheory Fitness class. There wasn’t anything groundbreaking about the workout, but I was pretty happy with the speeds I was achieving on the treadmill. For example, a three minute push pace at 9.0mph (6:40/mile) was hard but doable (twice!). I think I am definitely getting in a lot better shape since I started going to classes there, and it’s probably time for me to consider shelling {Read More}

Leg Day: 3 Mile Strength/Run Interval Workout

This morning was strength day at Orangetheory, and while you might think that means the weight room was king, I absolutely loved the treadmill portion of the workout! I really love treadmill sets where we have to cover a set distance before moving on to the next interval but we get to go at our own pace, rather than simply all running till the clock hits a certain point. It always makes me feel powerful if I can finish toward {Read More}