If It’s Worth It, Make It Work

Tonight, I went out for happy hour with a friend who’s thinking of switching jobs, and who wanted to hear a little bit more about my company. I was completely transparent and told him both the good and the bad. No matter how great your company is, there will be some things about it that don’t work for everyone, and I think it’s better to be up front about that than have someone be surprised once they start working there. But {Read More}

A Compliment From My Treadmill Buddy

This morning, I was kind of tired, but still headed to my usual 6:15am Orangetheory Fitness class. There wasn’t anything groundbreaking about the workout, but I was pretty happy with the speeds I was achieving on the treadmill. For example, a three minute push pace at 9.0mph (6:40/mile) was hard but doable (twice!). I think I am definitely getting in a lot better shape since I started going to classes there, and it’s probably time for me to consider shelling {Read More}

Leg Day: 3 Mile Strength/Run Interval Workout

This morning was strength day at Orangetheory, and while you might think that means the weight room was king, I absolutely loved the treadmill portion of the workout! I really love treadmill sets where we have to cover a set distance before moving on to the next interval but we get to go at our own pace, rather than simply all running till the clock hits a certain point. It always makes me feel powerful if I can finish toward {Read More}

Orangetheory Workout: 2.5 Mile Endurance Sprint Pyramid

I know I’ve talked a lot about Orangetheory Fitness lately, but wow… I just really love their style of classes! I feel like OTF gets me working harder than a lot of other classes, and the heart rate monitor really holds me accountable to push the pace. This morning, I did my first OTF class at the Dallas studio (actually up in Preston Hollow), and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Today was “endurance day”, which meant the treadmill portion of the class was a long run {Read More}

16.8 Miles on the Dreadmill

This week has been kind of a mess of not-planning and then totally changing my plans when I do have them… which as you know, I really hate! However, it started out great – I was in LA on Monday for some training, and got to have an amazing dinner at Seabird’s in Orange County with Jen afterward. Oh my gosh, it was so good – and yet totally reasonably priced! Tuesday morning, I had to be up at 4:30am {Read More}

Revising My Running Plans

Most people have a typical day they do long runs – and it’s usually Saturday or Sunday. Last week, though, I did my long run on Thursday. It worked out well because it was Thanksgiving and I had the day off from work, plus it gave me a ridiculous appetite for dinner! :) But I also needed to get it done then because Friday I was planning to go out to the mountains to ski, and I didn’t want to {Read More}

Low Impact Weekend

This has been a bit of a crazy week. The Friday before last, I flew from Denver to Chicago for the weekend, then back to Dallas Sunday night to Wednesday night, and then flew back again to Chicago for a conference before returning on Denver on Friday afternoon. Did you follow all that? Since the altitude in Colorado has really been giving me trouble on my long runs, I decided that my final long run before the Colfax Marathon would be in {Read More}