Consulting Fridays

Friday in consulting is always an odd kind of day. We’re all working from home, so it’s harder to get joint work done because everything is on conference calls. Usually, Fridays become a lighter day where you’re wrapping up whatever individual work needs to be done for the client by Monday, and also working on whatever firm “extracurriculars” there are (e.g. recruiting, training, etc). On the one hand, it’s nice because you’re not continually hounded for updates; at the same {Read More}

Spinach Surprise!

Yesterday I decided to treat Boyfriend by making him some chocolate cupcakes. He loves Magnolia’s cupcakes, but lately has been calling me all the time to complain. “I have a stomachache… and I’m fat.” Um, yeah, you ate not one but TWO fatty and heavy cupcakes (delicious though they may be). Having successfully found a recipe for Magnolia’s banana pudding that’s not quite as good as theirs but is made of totally healthy ingredients, I decided to turn my attention {Read More}

I just "ran" a 2:00 half marathon on the elliptical

I don’t know about you, but when I go on the elliptical, I usually can’t go that fast, especially when I’m doing a hill workout or one of those with high resistance. I have to work hard to break 10:00 miles, even though 9:00 is my typical running pace. I’ve just accepted the fact that the elliptical is slower per mile than running, even if my heart rate is the same. But tonight I broke through that barrier. Tonight’s long {Read More}

I am a cookie monster

Challenge = failure. Since I don’t want to be a failure, I’m changing the rules. From now on, instead of allowing myself to break the “no processed carbs” rule only for one meal on each of the two days preceding a marathon, I can have processed carbs all day for each of the two days beforehand. There, now I’m not failing. Basically, yesterday I had a work dinner, and I hit on the most amazing tactic for not gorging myself {Read More}

Workout and a Healthy Meal: Toasted Papaya

I just had the best workout. Did my normal routine of going from machine to machine, but this time I did mini circuits by constantly switching back and forth between the machines. I usually do three sets of 15, but today I did two machines at a time: one set of 15 on machine A, one set of 15 on machine B, then one set of 8 but at a much higher weight on machine A, likewise on B, and {Read More}

I’m not in Austin

Project didn’t end up happening, which is kind of par for the course. Basically, you should never count on going somewhere until you’re actually on the plane and in flight… and even then I’d say you still have a 10% chance of having the project get cancelled. So what does this mean I’m up to? Ah, wonderful things. I’m currently lying in bed, half-watching the Rachael Ray show on television (shut up), and doing some research for a potential client. {Read More}

I’m a corporate sell out!!!

Yes, that’s right… I am now a sponsored running blogger! I got home for the first time in a month or so to find a huge pile of mail awaiting me (yay). In that mail was a package… with two Tasti D-Lite t-shirts in it! What’s even better: they’re made of wicking material! And are super cute and will go with my new pink running skirt!!! The question is, do I bust it out for Calgary this weekend? Or better {Read More}

I am a marathoner!!!

The important parts: Finished around 4:24 (didn’t quite kick Oprah’s ass, but I did beat her) Did not walk once, not even through the water stops Sprinted up the toughest part of the course (13% grade for 1/4 mile) and had a ton of people cheering for how awesome I was compared to everyone else Sprinted the last 0.2 and had a ton of people cheering for how awesome I was compared to everyone else Swore ten seconds after finishing {Read More}

Running inspiration: Tasti D and blogger playlists

Yesterday I went for a quick Tasti D run. I hadn’t done one in so long, and Boston doesn’t even have Tasti D! I know, unbelievable. To any of my Boston readers: what kind of all-natural low-cal frozen yogurt is in Boston and where can I get it? I checked for Wow Cow and it seems to be in Needham, which sounds far. I’m living/working/working out in Boston proper, so if you know any places, let me know! Robeks is {Read More}

Do your loved ones follow your lifestyle?

Last night on The Biggest Loser, the contestants went home to their families for the week. The idea was to see how they would do in their home environment. Most of the contestants had big parties thrown for them by their friends and family, and most of them included some food that was definitely not diet-friendly. Now, I think it’s pretty insensitive of the families to do that to the contestants (though I’m also guessing that the producers supplied the {Read More}