New calorie laws are actually making life more difficult for me

In case you didn’t know, NYC is cracking down on restaurants and trying to get them to provide calorie info. I find it crazy that fine dining establishments think they shouldn’t have to obey the rules. How exactly is it “comparing apples and oranges?” You and McDonalds both serve food. (Well, kind of… some McDonalds items don’t quite qualify as “food” in my mind, but they are at least something you put in your mouth and that some people would {Read More}

Fabulous Finds at the Grocery

I read a ton of diet blogs, and a lot of times they’ll mention some great products/brands to try. I Ate A Pie recently featured Tofu Shirataki Noodles, and Hungry-Girl featured Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Idol Ice Cream in Cheesecake Diva flavor. Both made my list of foods to try, and while I don’t usually take the time to search for things on that list, I do keep an eye out for them. And last night, I found both of {Read More}

Some R-Rated Relaxation Tales

Last year, in college, I took a course on spa management. It sounds all silly and easy, but it was actually a pretty intense class. We learned about the different treatments you can have, design requirements, marketing, etc. The final project was to do a consulting project for an actual spa! My group did market research for Banyan Tree, who wanted to open a new spa in Marrakech, Morocco. It was really interesting, and I learned a lot. Since then, {Read More}

Will Run for Tasti D

On Wednesday nights from 8-9 PM, I go down to the gym and watch Crowned on the elliptical. Crowned is a really cheesy and embarrassing reality show on the WB, so my only justification for watching is if I do it on the elliptical. However, tonight when I went down, all the ellipticals were taken. And I’m way too embarrassed to head over to the treadmill area, where the TVs are communal, and ask everyone there if they mind if {Read More}