Two Nights Before the Race: HITS Sarasota Olympic Triathlon

I’m really nervous. I’m on a plane to do my first triathlon on Sunday – the HITS Sarasota, Olympic distance. I feel reasonably prepared from a physical standpoint (well, mostly), but there is a lot lacking in my preparation. Namely, around all the stuff. One big selling point for running is that all you really need is a well-fitting pair of sneakers , even if you’re doing a full marathon. A watch? Helpful but not necessary. Gels / fancy nutrition? {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Chicago to Denver and Not a Moment to Lose

Weekend of October 19-20 This weekend went by fast. I had workshops in Chicago on Friday morning, and since I had a lot of colleagues I wanted to catch up with, I decided to book an evening flight home to give myself a little bit more time there. I didn’t regret the decision, and had a blast reconnecting with some people I haven’t seen in months… but it did mean that I was only home for two days before I had {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Mom’s Fall Visit, Part 2

Weekend of October 4-6 My mom’s visit this fall was a full twelve days, extended from eight after I signed up for a half marathon in Louisville that I thought she would have fun spectating. However, with my stupid calf injury, I had to withdraw from the race and couldn’t run! I was really disappointed, though my physical therapist has been awesome and is helping me get back to running hopefully in two more weeks. On that note – I’ve been {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Mom’s Fall Visit!

Weekend of September 28-29 I rolled into this weekend pretty exhausted… but also pretty psyched. My mom is visiting Colorado for 11 days! My mom was due to get in at midnight on Thursday, so I booked my flight home from Chicago to arrive late as well, at 11pm. That meant I just had an hour to hang out at the airport and wait for her to arrive. I ended up making it into a date with a fellow traveler {Read More}

Rediscovering My Old Hobbies

While working on some of the talks I’m going to be giving at our senior associate training this fall, I’ve been going through the story of how I went from someone who couldn’t run a mile, to doing my first marathon, to a world record. However, my speech coach has been encouraging me to point out something I honestly hadn’t given much thought to before: that just because I picked up the new hobby of running didn’t mean that I {Read More}

Inspired by books

Yesterday, I finished book #3 in my quest to read a book every other day for the month of September: You Are An Ironman, by Jacques Steinberg. I actually didn’t love it quite as much as I expected, as I found some of the training stories to be boring. But when it came to race day, I was hooked! I loved hearing about how everyone did, and the thoughts that went through their head as they toiled to make the {Read More}


Yesterday, I saved my hotel copy of USA Today. I saved it mostly for the crossword (finished it too – yay!), which is one of my favorite activities between pushback from the gate and cruising altitude when I can’t use my laptop, but one story caught my eye: Triathlons Pose a Greater Health Risk Than Marathons Clearly the only reason I didn’t end up training for the half-Ironman while I was unemployed is because I’m a smart cookie and knew {Read More}

Gotta find my purpose before it’s too late

So the thing about unemployment is that it’s really a lot more up and down than I’ve been making it sound. There are some times when it is kind of nice to be able to sit at Starbucks and wait for Boyfriend even if he’s running late, because my schedule is flexible. And it’s definitely kind of nice that I’m getting paid for doing nothing. (I just have to try to enjoy that while knowing that soon I will not {Read More}

Some inspiration from the Ironman Kona

This afternoon the 2007 Ironman coverage was featured on NBC. I don’t follow triathlons really, so I had no idea who won – I just love watching the race coverage. One thing I love about the coverage is that it doesn’t end when the winners cross the finish line. In fact, they profile some regular people (well, regular except that they are ridiculously strong and tough enough to do the Ironman) as they struggle to meet the midnight deadline for {Read More}