Recognized by a fan

In New York, people don’t talk to each other on the streets. This trait is learned very quickly as a result of the crazies. One particular breed of crazy is the comedy club promoter. They typically hang out in tourist areas, though not always, and usually have some kind of original catchphrase, like, “do you like to laugh?” If you say yes, they will give you a quarter card. If you try to be clever and say no, they will {Read More}

Getting out of bed for a run… and heading right back

I picked up some freelance work designing and ghostwriting an environmental blog, and I’ve also written some new posts over at Bodibeat blog. With those other blogs going on, I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d posted here until I started getting several e-mails, IMs, and texts from all of you wondering if I was okay. Yes, I am :) I have one more week of freedom until I start work on the 18th (though that may {Read More}

Unemployment has done wonders for my waistline… but it’s almost over

Since I lost my job, I haven’t really been going to the gym more (as I’ve explained before, when I know I can go anytime, there’s no reason to get off my butt and go right now), but I’ve gone out to eat a lot less. It’s not just the loss of expense account steak dinners; since I didn’t know when I’d have a job/full income again, I was trying to be frugal and cook at home more often rather {Read More}

First time’s a charm!

Last week I had my first set of interviews, for an airline. My cover letter was rough – I wrote it the same afternoon I got laid off, and submitted it before getting feedback, after which people told me it sucked. I applied for the job on the company website, not through a head hunter who would endorse me and help me prep for the interview. When I got the interview, Boyfriend told me it was a shame that I {Read More}

Rainy Sunday musings

You all got so excited about me seeming like I was in a positive mood and doing well. Unfortunately, I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not all rainbows and flowers. I still can’t shake the up-and-down emotions associated with unemployment, no matter how hard I try. Yesterday, I woke up feeling like I had absolutely nothing to do (even though in truth I had several obligations – they just weren’t immediate deadlines). So what did I do? Had {Read More}

Better than a treadmill

Walking dogs is pretty darn awesome. It looked enough like rain that were it just me going out for my run, I surely would have stayed home and caught up on some Judge Judy. But Charley apparently loves walking in the rain, so off I went. The good news is, it didn’t rain. The bad news is, it snowed. Hard. Today we went to the park, and we were just in the midst of heading up the Harlem Hills when {Read More}

How to find an interesting and fantastic job

While it’s really scary to be unemployed, it can be exciting to realize that this is my chance to start over and do something that really suits my interest. With that in my mind, I’ve had some luck on several fronts. Exercise and animalsI had a dog my whole life growing up, but there is just no way I could have had one with my job in consulting; I traveled too much and worked too many hours. Boyfriend is similarly {Read More}

Gotta find my purpose before it’s too late

So the thing about unemployment is that it’s really a lot more up and down than I’ve been making it sound. There are some times when it is kind of nice to be able to sit at Starbucks and wait for Boyfriend even if he’s running late, because my schedule is flexible. And it’s definitely kind of nice that I’m getting paid for doing nothing. (I just have to try to enjoy that while knowing that soon I will not {Read More}

I hate being unemployed

I hate that it’s 5:30, basically only halfway through what would normally be my work day, and I’m already halfway through a bottle of wine. I hate going to the Wall Street Starbucks in the morning for coffee with Boyfriend, and seeing all the successful people coming in wearing their suits and getting their lattes to go, while I sit there in my jeans and stupid t-shirt reading a book because I don’t have meetings or conference calls at which {Read More}

Latest report from laid off land

Surprisingly, I posted more when I was working than now that I’m unemployed :) I really don’t fit the stereotype of someone who’s unemployed. I haven’t gone out drinking, and I actually haven’t even really cried (well, I cried the day before when I figured out it was going to happen, but not since I got the news). I did watch The Price is Right today (it is so weird to see Drew Carey as the host!), but I watched {Read More}