Dream Vacation: Booked!

Despite the many articles I’ve read about vacation being important for productivity (to help you rest and recharge), I am admittedly terrible at actually taking my vacation time. Because I travel so much for work, all I want from “vacation days” is time at home. With that being fairly date-agnostic (no flights or hotels to book), I often end up delaying the “scheduling” part of the vacation process as well. My thinking is that since I can take my vacation anytime, {Read More}

Puerto Vallarta: No Regrets

This was not the vacation I was expecting… but that’s okay. I wasn’t expecting to get sick within 6 hours of arriving in Mexico. (My own fault for eating sushi that I should have known was bad.) I spent all Thursday night getting sick everywhere, including a mortifying public vomiting incident in the trash can at the convenience store when I went to get Gatorade. On Friday, although I wasn’t getting sick anymore, I still felt pretty crappy and didn’t really get {Read More}

Emphasizing my OOO

Last Thursday, I got a reminder from my company to check out my “total rewards” page on the intranet. I dutifully went to the page to make sure that my 401k and other investment allocations were where I wanted them to be, and I happened to glance over to another part of the page and see my vacation balance. As luck would have it, I had just earlier that day finished reading an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review {Read More}

Blocking my Time with PTO

Short and sweet post today, but I wanted to share what a successful day I had at work. I had originally requested today as a PTO day, so that I could spend time with a visiting houseguest. I blocked off my calendar, shifted all meetings to Wednesday and Friday, and started working my butt off to ensure that I could have all the loose ends tied up and be able to take the day off. I swear, sometimes it’s easier {Read More}

Sponsored: How DD Perks Fueled Me Up for Puerto Rico

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dunkin’ Brands. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. This post is coming to you from sunny Puerto Rico! I had a work trip here today and tomorrow of this week, so I chose to take a seemingly random vacation day Wednesday so that I could fly out a day early and enjoy some beach time before I head for meetings in Old San {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Vacation in Mexico

Boy, that was a huge shock to go from 85 degrees there to below zero when I landed in Denver last night. However, I guess I am ready for winter now – that was the perfect one last hurrah of sun before we get into ski season. As I mentioned in my Tread review, I spent Friday night in Dallas before flying to Cancun on Saturday afternoon. When I landed and cleared customs, my friend Kelly was on a conference {Read More}

Exercising at the Airport

What a long day of travel it has been! My trip to Nice was fun, but the real price of my cheap ticket was that it took almost 24 hours each way getting there (thanks to a strange routing going from Dallas to Mexico City to Paris and finally to Nice). This morning, I had a four seven hour layover in Mexico City (thanks to some delays), and I knew I would have to go straight to the office from the {Read More}

Summer is Here – Let’s Get Sweaty!

I know that many people consider the start of summer to be Memorial Day weekend at the end of May, and also that the official start of the summer is June 21 (the summer solstice). But for me, Independence Day is when I finally feel like summer is here. It’s hot, it’s sticky, and I’m fortunate enough to be headed out to Blake’s house in the Hamptons for the weekend, along with Ashley and Theodora! Unlike seemingly everyone else in {Read More}

Surviving My First Blog Conference: BLEND Retreat 2013

This weekend, I was lucky enough to go to Utah for a really neat event: the BLEND Retreat. While BLEND is written in all caps like an acronym, it’s actually a cute little portmanteau for Blogging Friends. I love the “Blends” I’ve made writing this blog, traveling for races, and at fitness events in NYC, so what better way to meet lots of new “Blends” than a weekend retreat to one of my favorite states in the country? (It also {Read More}

Rewards and Punishments

For the last two weeks, Brynn from the Refine Challenge has been asking us to focus on two very important things: punishments and rewards. Without consequences, it’s way too easy to do whatever you want! However (unfortunately?), we are all adults, and punishments and rewards exist for all the choices we make in our life. For me, attending or skipping a workout comes with its own inherent punishments/rewards. Last night, I stayed up way too late working on something, and {Read More}