Healthy Meal: Pineapple Fried “Rice” (Quinoa)

One of my favorite things about moving to Denver is my new commute from Dallas. When I used to fly to New York City on Thursday nights, I would have a 3.5 hour flight that would usually land around 11pm or midnight… meaning I would probably start falling asleep for the last hour of the flight, and then I’d get home and immediately crawl into bed. But now that I’m living in Denver, it’s a much shorter flight, and I’m {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Spinach Dal

This week, I’m working from home – which has changed a lot about my lifestyle. Relevant to this story, it’s that I’m working independently and have access to a kitchen – which means I can eat lunch whenever I want to (instead of when my coworkers get hungry), and I can cook lunch in the kitchen. Bliss! Today I was craving Indian for lunch. I keep a few Tasty Bite meals on hand at all times (usually for Thursday nights {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Pumpkin Pasta

With the Atlanta Marathon coming up on Thursday and me still being completely exhausted (though most people dread going to the doctor, I cannot WAIT for my doctor’s appointment next Wednesday to find out all my test results, and am counting down the days), my nutrition leading up to the race is extremely important. I’ve been gaining quite a bit of weight lately, and even if I were feeling in tip top shape, the extra weight would probably slow me {Read More}

Healthy Meal: "Cream" of Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup

Our grocery store has had red bell peppers on sale for a week or two now, piles and piles of beautiful red shiny skins. I’ve been looking for recipes to use them up (not that that’s a huge problem – I love red peppers and used to eat them constantly as a childhood snack). In any case, I found a yummy sounding recipe for roasted red pepper soup, and decided to customize it and give it a go. The original {Read More}

Workout and a Healthy Meal: Toasted Papaya

I just had the best workout. Did my normal routine of going from machine to machine, but this time I did mini circuits by constantly switching back and forth between the machines. I usually do three sets of 15, but today I did two machines at a time: one set of 15 on machine A, one set of 15 on machine B, then one set of 8 but at a much higher weight on machine A, likewise on B, and {Read More}

I’m not in Austin

Project didn’t end up happening, which is kind of par for the course. Basically, you should never count on going somewhere until you’re actually on the plane and in flight… and even then I’d say you still have a 10% chance of having the project get cancelled. So what does this mean I’m up to? Ah, wonderful things. I’m currently lying in bed, half-watching the Rachael Ray show on television (shut up), and doing some research for a potential client. {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Raw Vegan Pizza

I haven’t really been posting my raw vegan recipes becaues they’re not really cooking, and so many people thought it was gross when I had that kale smoothie that I didn’t know what a receptive audience I’d have. I think this is one of my favorite raw vegan recipes I’ve tried so far – pizza! I made two of these and when I ate the first one and saw how amazing it was, I took a picture of the second {Read More}

Healthy Meal: Kale Breakfast Smoothie

I mentioned that after running camp I wanted to start trying to eat cleaner foods. One thing I had at camp that was incredible is a raw breakfast smoothie. In a blender, combine:2 cups raw kale1 banana1/2 cup blueberries1 cup almond milk Blend until smooth. If desired, add flax seed. However, I’m going to be eating a lot of protein later, so I skipped it. Also, it’s better if you chill after blending, but I was impatient and ate it {Read More}