Breakfast at Starbucks

Boyfriend is going to be crazy busy at work this week with a major deck due, so we decided that instead of staying together as usual, we’d take most nights “off” and instead meet up at Starbucks for a quick coffee in the mornings on our way to work. I’m not sure if you any of you are familiar with Lisa from Hungry Girl, but she puts out a daily newsletter full of diet tips that I really like. Most {Read More}

Unhappy birthday

It’s my blog’s birthday. One year ago today, I went to and hit “create blog.” 381 posts later, “Create a post” on Blogger is prominently listed in my favorites on iGoogle, and I have over 173 favorite blogs in Google Reader that I (try to) read daily. Blogging and running have become such a huge part of my life in the last year… but I’ll save most of that reflection for some December 31st posts. I don’t really feel {Read More}

All riled up

I like iFit&Healthy for finding out about the latest health and fitness news – they do a pretty good job of catching most of the breaking news, and reviewing all the latest books and products. However, their latest review of The Wall Street Diet only served to piss me off. I know that the consulting lifestyle is hard to understand if you’re not living in it, but I hate it when people don’t get it and act as if it’s {Read More}

Blinded by the community

Last Wednesday’s New York Times had an interesting article that I thought all you bloggers might enjoy: The Fat Pack Wonders if the Party‚Äôs Over. It tracks the phenomenon of foodies using blogs and forums to share their culinary finds and experiences, and explores how this is often at a detriment to their health. It’s fairly interesting to see the opinions of the foodies. I know they eat a lot of fat and sugar and other unhealthy things, but I’m {Read More}


For the past few months, the 3FC forums have been a great community for me to get support. I’ve learned so much from the women there, and I think it’s a big part of what’s helped me get this far in my weight loss (7 pounds down, 5 to go!). Because everyone has been so helpful to me, I try to do my part to give back by providing support and encouragement to other people, and also answering a lot {Read More}

31 Ways to Eat Right and Lose Weight

Do you spend tons of money buying diet books and following plans that never seem to work? Honestly, all you need to know is right here, for free: 31 Ways to Eat Right and Lose Weight, brought to you by Diet Blog. If you are new to all of this, it’s a great place to learn everything you need to know to seem like a fitness expert. If you already consider yourself well-versed, I promise there will still be some {Read More}

Fruit – Good or Bad?

Lance wrote a great column yesterday on Top 10 Better Health Resolutions. I am very pleased to say that I looked at the list and I am already very good about almost everything on it! I drink a ton of water (today it was 18 glasses, but that’s overkill; usually I’m more around 10-12) I lift weights/do resistance training daily. I’m working on increasing the amount of weight I lift and decreasing the reps, because I think that’s why I {Read More}

My Diet Plan: A Check In

This morning I stumbled on a diet website that’s almost exactly the plan I’m following: The DIY Diet. I have to say, I really hate diets like Atkins and South Beach. They’re just too “diet-y.” Weight Watchers is doing a promotion right now for how WW isn’t really a diet, and that’s what I’m striving for: to eat well but not have to eat large quantities of odd things or be deprived of my favorite things. As you may be {Read More}