Weekend Recap: Sick or Lazy? / Workouts Lately

Weekend of February 9-10 This is going to be a pretty short weekend recap… but after Friday night, there’s not a lot to report! Friday was a very big day for me at work. I’ve spent the last few months planning for SheTech Colorado, a one-day conference for high school girls to get them excited about careers in STEM, and Friday it all came to fruition! I was on tap to give some welcoming remarks in the beginning (right before {Read More}

The Great Pumpkin Haul: Training Workout and Discount Code

After several months of not doing any races, I’ve finally signed up for one. It’s less than a tenth the distance of a marathon, but it’s actually one that I need to train for all the same. Behold: The Great Pumpkin Haul. Your entry fee gets you not only a race bib, tee, and some tasty (pumpkin!) beer at the finish line, but also a pumpkin from a giant patch near the race location, at Chatfield Gardens in Littleton, CO. {Read More}

Low Impact Weekend

This has been a bit of a crazy week. The Friday before last, I flew from Denver to Chicago for the weekend, then back to Dallas Sunday night to Wednesday night, and then flew back again to Chicago for a conference before returning on Denver on Friday afternoon. Did you follow all that? Since the altitude in Colorado has really been giving me trouble on my long runs, I decided that my final long run before the Colfax Marathon would be in {Read More}

Studio Review: Bodybar Dallas

About a month ago, my friend Blake told me about a great trial offer at a Pilates/barre studio in the Dallas area – Bodybar. New clients would get a week of unlimited classes for free! A free week would be the perfect way for me to try everything they had to offer (with different classes, instructors, etc to get a good feel for it), so I jumped on the offer. However, I also wanted to pick a week when I {Read More}

Checking In: Why I’m Not Stronger in September

Well, I’ve been pretty quiet so far this month, huh? Time for me to get back into the blogging game, especially since fall marathon season has begun. Lots of race recaps to share (I’m planning to finish my Bozeman Marathon recap on Friday), plus I also wanted to do a mid-month check in on my Stronger in September challenge. Thanks to a Bodybar Dallas one-week-unlimited pass that needed to be used last week, I ended up taking pilates/barre classes all week {Read More}

Don’t Break the Chain: Motivating Myself to Make Things a Habit

Several times in my Sunday Links I Love posts, I’ve shared articles about the Seinfeld Strategy (like this one from the Buffer Blog). It’s really quite genius, especially for goody-two-shoes me. (Fun fact: in 5th grade, I loved getting stickers on the “books I’ve read” chart my teacher kept for everyone in the class… until he had to get a separate “Laura’s books chart” that was just for my stickers, because I had too many to fit on the regular one. Biggest nerd {Read More}

Stronger in September

Ever since I got injured in July, I’ve completely skipped my strength training. My physical therapist was giving me exercises with 1lb weights and I found them difficult, so how on earth could I get back to regular weight lifting? But if I’m being really honest, that’s more of an excuse than anything else. I had been skipping strength training for months – or at least, skipping free weight strength-only time at the gym in favor of workouts like Flywheel, {Read More}

Get the Body of an Action Hero (Or at Least of the Actors Who Play Them)

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™. Last week, the movie buzz was all around Spirit of the Marathon II, and I was so lucky to have caught the sneak preview of it one week prior. It was so neat to get to see runners just like me achieve their marathon dreams! I’ve said it before and I will say it again: the feeling of crossing the finish line at a marathon never {Read More}

20 Minute Power Workout

Super short on time tonight, but I still really wanted to get a workout in since I had skipped my morning workout to catch up on sleep. (And it felt so amazingly glorious that I have no regrets.) I’m participating in Ericka’s #MakeItHappen Challenge, which requires us to do 50 pushups and 100 situps a day, so I also wanted to squeeze that in. The result was the following sprint and upper body circuit – perfect when you’re short on {Read More}

Weekend Roundup / Why Soreness Doesn’t Matter

My weekend didn’t get off to a great start – but that didn’t mean I couldn’t recover. On Thursday night, I ended up getting quite upset about something – and literally staying up all night long stressing out. Not good at all! At 1am, I went online to cancel my Friday morning Refine Method class, since I could already foresee this being a bad night. I didn’t want to give up on my challenge (especially after my very public commitment {Read More}