Iterating on Goal Setting

I spent today at a workshop in California along with my firm’s Human Capital leads from across the globe, and the discussions were fascinating. One of the topics we talked about at length was performance management, and how best to encourage staff to maximize their performance. We’ve recently switched from a traditional performance management system, where reviews are done and goals are set just twice a year, to a new system that emphasizes real-time feedback. It’s been a huge transformation, {Read More}

Bluebird Spring Ski Day at Winter Park

So first, let’s start with the boring disclaimer: I’m so sorry to not be posting as much lately; things have just been so busy! New projects at work (i.e., new clients), new projects at home (i.e., contemplating building this pizza oven… any bets on whether I will blow up my new house in the process?), and of course, new activities that I sign myself up for and then later bemoan how busy I am (but seriously, any locals want to {Read More}

Night Before the Race: Montgomery Marathon

That was an exhausting couple of days, but overall really successful! I am so glad to be on my way home though… to bed for lots of sleep. On Friday afternoon, I headed for the airport to catch a flight to Atlanta. I learned a few weeks ago that I would need to be there for training on Friday morning, and I noticed that the day corresponded nicely with the Montgomery Marathon in Alabama – just a two hour drive {Read More}

Ski Lesson #3: Don’t Lean Back; Lean In

Between some new exciting things at work, plumbing issues with my townhouse in New York, difficulty getting vendor bids for work on my new house in Colorado, and a lot of travel (friends visiting me + me visiting friends)… it’s been nutty around here. As a result, my routine has been completely thrown off and I haven’t made the time to get a blog post up. I am just proud of myself for at least throwing together Sunday’s links I {Read More}

Sustaining Momentum from Big Picture Inspiration: My Plan

Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog this week! On Saturday morning, I cheated on the mountains of my home state by flying to Utah to ski in Park City. Well, to teach me a lesson about loyalty to Colorado, we had a major snowstorm all weekend in Colorado that apparently led to one of the best ski weekends of the year… but in Park City, the slopes were icy and with basically no fresh powder at all. Since {Read More}

Reforming My Plant-Killing Ways

A few months ago, I bought a basil plant for my apartment. I was so excited about having fresh basil all the time, since I love to put tons of basil on everything! However, the combo of Denver’s super dry climate and how often I traveled (and therefore, how infrequently I watered) meant that my poor plant did not fare so well. I tried to compensate for being gone for 4-10 day stretches by watering it a ton just before I {Read More}

Deciding On (And Committing To) New Goals

How do you get motivated to do something? You set a goal, commit to it (preferably publicly), and then take all the little baby steps needed to achieve it. But what happens when you can’t even think of a goal you care enough about to achieve? Well, you get stuck in a rut – and unfortunately, this is where I’m currently finding myself. Perhaps I set off the chain of events myself through inadvertent sandbagging when I declared that my {Read More}

Weekend Trip: Park City, Utah

This weekend was really a slam dunk. First, I headed home from Dallas early on Thursday in order to meet up with a team of analysts I was coaching for a work extracurricular. In short, the analyst teams were tasked with coming up with a way to improve our firm – and after the first round cuts brought the teams down to five, each team in the finals got to present their ideas to the most senior leaders in our {Read More}

Change of Plans

I haven’t been following my own rules today. Namely, my rule that goes, get your workout in first thing in the morning so you don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day. Oops! But sometimes, you have to bend the rules and do what’s right for you right now. Yesterday, after writing that post about how run down I am starting to get, I decided to actually try to do something about it. So after the client {Read More}

To fake it or not to fake it?

Yesterday, I made what was apparently a really big faux pas. While at an offsite event in Miami, I decided not to drink for the night. I know, the horror, right? But judging by how many times people asked me to explain again why I wasn’t drinking, you’d think I had committed some unforgivably rude and terrible act. I started out by explaining I wasn’t in the mood (truth), and then switched to saying I’d decided to start Alcohol-Free August {Read More}