Weekend Recap: Much-Anticipated In Town Time

This weekend, for once, I wasn’t going up to the mountains; instead, I was staying in town for some special events I had been planning for a while. I was excited! Friday was a busy day for me at work, made even busier when I saw a steal of a deal on a sectional outdoor sofa on Facebook Marketplace and dropped everything to immediately pick it up. Patio furniture is one of those COVID products that has become impossible to {Read More}

Weekend Recap: From Workouts to Wine

This weekend started pretty rough. As I wrote about on Saturday, my grandmother in Poland passed away on Wednesday. It was something we were expecting, but the news was nonetheless sad. Furthermore, that left my family trying to figure out how to book last minute flights to Warsaw for the funeral. In the end, we decided to send my dad to represent our American branch of the family, and my brothers and I will go visit in a few months {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Welcome 2018!

My first weekend of the new year was also my last weekend of my holiday break. I was bummed not to have gotten more done in my two weeks at home, but I also felt pretty relaxed going into the weekend. Maybe there’s something to be said for doing nothing on occasion? This weekend, I didn’t have a lot planned up front – but at the last minute, some fun stuff came together and turned it into a pretty great {Read More}

Sponsored Giveaway: What’s in My Gym Bag? A Clean Confession

This weekend, San Diego hosted Wanderlust 108 – an awesome annual yoga event that I got to attend back in New York a few years ago. One of this year’s sponsors was Cottonelle®, who encouraged festival-goers to share their #CleanConfession. So now, here comes mine… As long-time readers know, I used to go to Flywheel all the time. These days, though, I have a ClassPass that offers me up to three classes per studio per month (at unlimited studios) for $89/month – definitely {Read More}

Low Impact Weekend

This has been a bit of a crazy week. The Friday before last, I flew from Denver to Chicago for the weekend, then back to Dallas Sunday night to Wednesday night, and then flew back again to Chicago for a conference before returning on Denver on Friday afternoon. Did you follow all that? Since the altitude in Colorado has really been giving me trouble on my long runs, I decided that my final long run before the Colfax Marathon would be in {Read More}

Trying New Things and Starting to Believe In Better

This was a long-anticipated weekend… and it actually lived up to every expectation. I am so happy right now! (Cue Pharell’s “Happy,” which I was humming the entire length of my flight back to Dallas this morning.) On Friday, I boarded a flight from Dallas to Denver, with three suitcases checked and one more in carry on. Whenever I see people checking a bag, my snarky reaction is always to imagine asking “oh, you’re moving somewhere?” (Seriously, people, there is {Read More}

Running for Relaxation

Last week, I had a major setback with my dumb neck injury. Although it had been fine for about a week, I apparently got too lax and started doing crazy things… you know, like sitting at my desk instead of standing all day. Bad move. Last Tuesday it started tightening up, and on Wednesday, it hurt so badly that I had to leave the office and go work from the comfort of my hotel, where I could take muscle relaxants and {Read More}

August Challenge: Breathe

As you can probably tell from my dearth of posts this week, it’s been a bit crazy around here lately. Despite my knowing that stress and lack of sleep is a major contributor to my stupid neck/back pain, this week has been filled with a lot of stress and not enough sleep. Oops! But I’m hoping that this weekend will allow me a chance to catch up and feel more like I’ve got my act together. (Who doesn’t love opening up {Read More}

Reducing Stress: Doctor’s Orders

This post written on steroids. Beware disjointed thoughts and watch out for non sequiturs. Perhaps I should have gone with a bullet list approach instead of trying to force paragraphs that don’t really connect everything going through my mind right now? This weekend I stuck around Dallas instead of flying home. Although I was “stuck” in Dallas, I actually had a super fun weekend with Blake and her husband JP – checking out a new-to-me pizza place with some other {Read More}

Whirlwind (Long) Weekend

What a whirlwind (long) weekend! Friday was fairly low-key until the evening, when I ushered a friend off to a second date that I later found out went fabulously well. Following my pep talk, I stayed to hang out at the bar (Valhalla – one of my favorite beer bars in the city) for an hour or so, and then it was off to my friend Jon’s “Influencers” cocktail party. Jon is one of those people who seems to know {Read More}