Event: Wanderlust Yoga in the City New York

Despite (or perhaps due to) the fact that this is a holiday week, I’ve been under a lot of stress. My travel plan isn’t my usual, work is compressed into four days instead of five, my house closing got pushed back indefinitely, and even my body isn’t cooperating – my IT band and knee are still acting up from the Ogden Marathon last weekend. On Monday, I went to a hot yoga class while visiting my parents in Albany, NY, {Read More}

Sometimes I Get a Feeling

On Monday morning, I didn’t feel great when I woke up – but that’s par for the course when my Mondays start at 4:30am and I don’t even arrive at work to start my day until 6 hours later. Hooray for commuting 1300 miles to my job! Unfortunately, it was more than just the commute – and by Monday afternoon, I realized I was on the verge of getting sick. Although I had spent the weekend looking forward to my {Read More}

Southern Weekend in Chas

After the marathon (full race report coming tomorrow!), I headed back to my hotel to shower… and stretch. I was actually quite sore, and I had an annoying pain in my left quad. It didn’t feel like normal marathon soreness, and the flat course didn’t really lend itself to quad pain, so I was (and am) still perplexed as to what it could be. It’s very concentrated in one small area, but also incredibly tender to the touch – so {Read More}

Workout planning

Lately I have really been slacking off on my regular workouts. (Regular, meaning work week/non-event; Nike Women’s Marathon recap still to come.) For no particular reason, I’ve fallen out of the habit of lifting… and regular Crossfit… and just about everything else that used to be habitual. Instead of waking up, working to a plan, and knowing what I have to do, I’ve started just doing whatever I feel like doing. Unfortunately, that often results in doing nothing at all! {Read More}

Destressing Planeside at the DFW Yoga Studio

This weekend, instead of heading home, I’m off to northeast Pennsylvania. It’s going to be a great weekend – work tomorrow, some peaceful time up on Lake Chautauqua tomorrow night and Saturday, and then running the Drake Well Marathon on Sunday morning. All week, I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish (probably due to not getting quite enough sleep but still putting in a solid week of workouts), so I’m thrilled at the chance to just relax for most of the weekend {Read More}

Running (and dancing and eating and drinking) with friends

When I laid out my plans for the weekend on Thursday, I didn’t fully intend to accomplish all of them. That was a lot of workouts schedule for just one two day weekend! However, I ended up doing all but one, and had a ball in the process. Viva la busy lifestyle! I woke up on Saturday surprisingly sore – presumably from the bootcamp I attended with Katelyn on Friday morning. When I caught up with her later in the {Read More}

Sexy Saturday: Part 1

On Saturday, I had big dinner plans: some friends and I have formed a kind of “high end dining club,” where we go to really nice restaurants a few times a year. Saturday’s event was scheduled for Jean Georges (the main restaurant) at 8pm. I planned to spend the day working out and eating lightly in preparation for the seven course meal I was about to indulge in that night. I started the day with a pear ginger chocolate smoothie, {Read More}

First day of Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga

I heard about Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga from Melissa’s blog, and was totally intrigued. After all, who doesn’t want to be slim, cool, and sexy? Melissa’s little tidbit that she could totally see herself bringing it with her when I travel also got me jazzed. Thanks to a super short waiting list at the local library, I got the book pretty quickly, and decided last night to toss it in my rollerboard suitcase for my week in DC. As for {Read More}