Simple Five Minute Saturday Meal Prep

It seems like a lot of bloggers write weekend posts about the meal prep they do, to make cooking faster and easier during the week. I have never really gotten into the meal prep trend. For me, cooking is relaxing, and a fun thing to do to de-stress. I don’t want to do less of it during the week; in fact, I wish I could do more than my travel schedule allows. Furthermore, just about everything I make takes 30 {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Party Gras Success!

What a fun weekend! This time I got three full days in Colorado, and it was glorious :) I tried to maximize my time by scheduling lots of fun stuff with friends, and while a few things didn’t go as planned, I largely made the most of it. The highlight of the weekend, though, was definitely the Mardi Gras party I threw on Saturday night (Party Gras). I love any excuse for a theme party, and this month I was {Read More}

Award-Winning Recipe: Bacon-Turkey-Tequila Chili

Last night, a hiking Meetup group I’m in organized a chili cookoff. While most people simply wanted to eat chili and contribute an appetizer/drink, I was one of about a dozen people who signed up to cook chili and be in the competition. Chili has always been one of my favorite dishes to make – it’s quick and easy, comes out great almost every time (and any mistakes can easily be covered up with sour cream or cheese), and it was the {Read More}

Review: Date Night at Uncorked Kitchen

On Friday night, Adam and I had a date night at a really special place: Uncorked Kitchen. Uncorked Kitchen is a unique combo of a wine bar / cooking class studio. It’s at a beautiful modern facility in Centennial, with sweeping views of the mountains and huge windows so you can enjoy the Colorado sun. Adam and I headed down to Centennial after work on Friday, and were pleasantly surprised to find that traffic wasn’t very backed up at all heading {Read More}

Upcoming Event: Uncorked Kitchen Fall Festival

Adam and I got back on Monday morning from a weekend in Atlanta, which it kicked off the beginning of three weekends in a row that we get to spend together… yay! Last weekend we were in Atlanta visiting some of Adam’s friends, this weekend we are taking Adam’s son to Disneyland, and the following weekend Adam is coming to visit me in Colorado. On that final weekend, even though we’ll be staying at home, I wanted to organize a {Read More}

Sponsored Giveaway: Krusteaz Holiday Cookies

Now that I have my house, I’m eager to start all kinds of annual traditions. My Halloween party was a big hit, and now that I’ve done all the planning, I can just copy it for next year’s bash. (Just like I do with my Thanksgiving Excel!) And after being inspired by my friends Blake and JP when they threw an amazing Christmas extravaganza last year, I knew that I wanted to host some sort of holiday party at my house… but I {Read More}

One Week Till Thanksgiving

TGIT! I’m on a flight out from Dallas to go visit Adam for the weekend in Phoenix, and then I fly home on Sunday night to work from home early in the week… and then celebrate Thanksgiving. I can’t wait! Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year, and this year’s celebration is shaping up to be pretty darn great. First: the guest list. Two of my best girlfriends are coming, and bringing their boyfriends/husbands. Adam is flying in {Read More}

Throwback Tuesday: Video Game Halloween

Adam and I have a bit of an inside joke where he refers to me as his “gamer girlfriend”, because I like to play Cubistry on my Kindle. (I try to argue that it keeps my mind sharp, like a game of Memory, but it’s really fairly brainless.) This year for Halloween, though, I lived up to my “gamer” moniker, by dressing up as video game characters from my childhood. At my client in Dallas, Halloween is a very big deal. Everyone {Read More}

Sponsored: Gardein BBQ Pulled Porkless Pocket Meal

Honey, I’m home! Well, I was for a few days anyway. The month of September is pretty crazy for me with travel, and it was nice to get home this weekend for pretty much the only time this month. (That said, I am thrilled with the places I get to go and things I get to do – no complaints here!) In accordance with all my travel, my first errand of the weekend was an appointment with a home security {Read More}

Sponsored Recipe: Healthy Italian Breakfast Sandwich with Gardein Classic Meatless Meatballs

I spent this weekend in Arizona with Adam, which was a ton of fun. I flew to Phoenix from New York City to arrive Friday night, and we headed straight to dinner at a yummy (and surprisingly inexpensive!) sushi restaurant on our way home. Although I had arrived not really hungry, I devoured my bento box, especially the tempura, and then realized that Adam and I had gotten the same exact thing but I had eaten far more… oops. Yet {Read More}