One of my favorite things about blogging has been the chance to partner with brands and companies that I believe in and that are a fit with my readers. I’m open to advertising, brand ambassadorship, sponsorships, product reviews as well as freelance writing opportunities and sponsored posts. However, what’s most important to me is maintaining my integrity as an unbiased source.

The FTC requires bloggers to disclose their connection between advertisers and endorsers; I fully support this rule and will make no exceptions to conceal my relationship with a company. There are instances when I have featured a product and received compensation in the form of free product, discounts toward purchase for my followers, monetary compensation, or any combination of these things. If I have been compensated for a post, I always make note of it at the bottom of that individual post; this type of compensation does not affect my review, and I will still always express my honest opinion.

When reviewing a product, I always write my own text and give my honest opinion. If I don’t like a brand’s product after trying it, I’ll get in touch with the brand before publishing anything to discuss how the product/service can be improved, or give the brand the option to nix the partnership altogether, but I am not willing to publish something I don’t believe. Please take a look around to see if your product is a fit, and then email me at laura AT 50by25 DOT com to discuss our collaboration.

If you have any questions about my policies on brand partnerships and collaboration, please of course feel free to contact me anytime.