Restful Nights and Bright, Bright Sunshine-y Days

I’ve written a bit about my struggles with insomnia lately – and I’m still really not sure what’s going on. I had originally attributed it to my East Coast travel, but last Friday morning I woke up at 3:30am East Coast time (or 1:30am Mountain Time) and couldn’t get back to sleep. So clearly, the cross-country travel isn’t the issue, and I’m not sure what is. But the truly weird thing is, the lack of sleep didn’t really bother me too much. {Read More}

New Project: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

One of the best parts about consulting is how we move around from project to project, applying experience in one industry/situation to another. One month I’m working on a business case for a new product in the tech industry, the next, I’m writing change management communications for a pharmaceutical client. I’m always learning something new, and there’s definitely never any opportunity to get bored or complacent! That’s why I came back to consulting after a brief stint working “in industry” (as we {Read More}

The Future of Transportation… If We’ll Risk It

Today I attended the Colorado Transportation Summit, a fascinating conference that focused on the future of transportation and how it will change. The keynote speaker was Tom Gebhardt, the President of Panasonic Automotive Systems. I didn’t even know that Panasonic worked in automotive systems, but it turns out, they’re producing some really cool technology aimed at automating the way we move from place to place. Here’s a cool video we got to watch about the first shipment done by self-driving {Read More}

Gociety Mountain Gathering Weekend

I’m on my way home to Denver from Dallas, and am really excited this weekend to be headed out to Breckenridge for the annual Gociety Mountain Gathering! Gociety is kind of like – it’s free to join, and members create various plans for others to join. Unlike Meetup, though, you don’t have to go seek out groups to join – it’s one big group for people who like the outdoors, and once you register for the site, you can {Read More}

Mammoth Running Escape: Day 2

I am not feeling motivated today. I started the day with my easy four mile run this morning (splits: 8:57, 8:42, 8:20, 7:54 – with the last quarter mile down at a 6:59 pace just for fun). But after that, my 5K goal motivation just slipped away. I ate fairly poorly, I didn’t drink as much water as I should have, and I didn’t head to the gym for a strength workout tonight (even though I ran out of time this morning {Read More}

Mammoth Running Escape: Night 1

Two weeks ago, Adam and I were fortunate enough to participate in the Mammoth Running Escape after we won the SPG Moment. I wrote about the bonus track workout we did on our extra day in town, bu now it’s time for me to properly recap the weekend. (Particularly as it’s inspired my August goal!) With only one flight into Mammoth Lakes, Adam and I spent the quick trip from LAX trying to guess who else on our flight was {Read More}

Mammoth Track Club Workout

I have so much to write about the amazing Mammoth Running Escape I attended this weekend, hosted by Deena Kastor. But before I get to recapping all the wonderfulness of the weekend, I’d like to talk about a little bit of “bad luck” that turned amazing today. Mammoth Lakes is a pretty small town, and the airport is one of the smallest in the country. There is exactly one commercial flight in per day, and one commercial flight out. Unfortunately, yesterday the plane {Read More}

Did I Choose the Wrong Goal?

I’m having an amazing time in Mammoth Lakes, California. This morning, we went out on a four mile trail run that took us from an old mining town, through various campsites, past a beautiful waterfall, and ended at a lake where we enjoyed a fabulous picnic brunch. Breakfast burritos, fresh fruit salad, and the best coffee cake I’ve ever had in my life! Our run was led by Olympic gold medalist Deena Kastor, and it was so awesome to run next to {Read More}

Dream Vacation: Booked!

Despite the many articles I’ve read about vacation being important for productivity (to help you rest and recharge), I am admittedly terrible at actually taking my vacation time. Because I travel so much for work, all I want from “vacation days” is time at home. With that being fairly date-agnostic (no flights or hotels to book), I often end up delaying the “scheduling” part of the vacation process as well. My thinking is that since I can take my vacation anytime, {Read More}

Turning A Flight Delay Into 8,000 Steps

Well, I am really glad that no-complaining month is over, because tonight I had a lot to complain about. I had not one but two flights get delayed three hours each. The kicker was this frustrating conversation: Me to gate agent: “I know it says we’ll be boarding in two minutes, but the gate is empty. Is our flight still on time?” Gate agent: “Oh, yes, definitely on time.” Me: “But it looks like our planned inbound aircraft hasn’t landed yet. Did we get an {Read More}