Travel Thursday: “Price Gouging” on Hurricane Evacuation Flights

This week, I was back in south Florida, and I was relieved to find that (at least the area I was in) was pretty much back to normal. There were a few billboards whose advertisements were ripped by the wind, and a few palm trees with lost fronds, but for the most part, everything had already been cleaned up, and I didn’t encounter any sort of power/water issues. I was so glad to see my client’s area back to normal! {Read More}

Weekend Recap: To the Mountains!

This was one of the best Colorado weekends I’ve had in a long time! It turns out that the rapid speed with which Labor Day is approaching is just the thing I need to motivate me to check off a whole bunch of things on my summer bucket list ;) A lot of big companies let their employees leave a few hours early on Fridays in the summer. My company’s policy is that if you work more than 40 hours {Read More}

Travel Thursday: Personalization of Omnichannel Customer Service

At work, I specialize in both an industry (travel and transportation) and a “competency” (customer experience). I’m always interested in developments in each space, but I get especially jazzed when something newsworthy happens in the intersection between the two. And that’s exactly what’s happened with JetBlue’s announcement that they are teaming up with Gladly to create a new omnichannel customer service system. When you think about the different touchpoints a customer has with a brand, there are a lot of {Read More}

Travel Thursday: Cabin, A Boutique Hotel on Wheels

I know there are a lot of people who claim they “can’t sleep on planes.” But sometimes, it’s a necessity to learn how to do so. I’m working in Florida these days, and seven out of the last eight weeks, my flight home on Thursdays has been delayed so I’m not getting home until well after 1am. Not good when I often start my Fridays with 6am meetings! As a result, I’ve gotten pretty adept at falling asleep as soon {Read More}

Travel Thursday: The Power of Limited Distribution

What’s your usual shopping MO? For pretty much everything I buy other than clothes, mine goes like this: search Google Shopping for the product I want, then go search Amazon and check out the price there. If it’s less than 10% more expensive on Amazon, I usually go with that; otherwise, the cheapest price wins. (I also use some cashback sites like Ebates and Mr. Rebates, but we’ll leave those out of this discussion.) It used to be that Google {Read More}

Travel Thursday: Snakes (and Pigs and Turkeys) on a Plane

I’ve long been skeptical of pets on planes. Under the wing, they’re subjected to terrible conditions; I think it’s incredibly irresponsible for pet owners to put their animals through that just for the convenience of bringing their pets on vacation. When animals are small enough to be brought into the main cabin in a carrier, they’re frequently poorly behaved – not to mention extremely expensive. But the worst of all is a growing trend to skirt those fees: by having {Read More}

Travel Thursday: United Partners with Volantio to Resell Ticketed Seats

Big news in the airline revenue management space! NBC (and many other news outlets) trumpeted today that United has a new plan for reselling overbooked passenger seats. At first, I was highly annoyed by this sensational and inaccurate headline. You don’t want to sell overbooked seats again (resulting in more overbooking); you want to get those passengers off the plane! But semantics aside, getting people off the plane is exactly what technology startup Volantio promises to do, and this is a {Read More}

Summer Sunday in New York

This was a really fabulous summer weekend. Although I’ve spent a lot of time on planes (today is day five of taking a flight every single day), all that flying has helped me be exactly where I need to be, even when I live thousands of miles away. Yesterday, that was in Manhattan, where I got to spend an amazing afternoon/evening with Theodora. I got to New York midday Sunday, just in time for the Pride Parade, which was going {Read More}

Travel Thursday: How Social Media Affects Perceptions

Ah, Thursdays. The day I try to come home, but am often thwarted. Last night, I ended up stuck in Dallas overnight, so you’re getting my travel Thursday thoughts on a Friday this time ;) It’s always interesting to see people’s reaction when I tell them I work in the airline industry – it’s not really an industry that has many fans these days! And a few months ago, when David Dao was kicked off United Express 3411, people were {Read More}

Travel Thursday: How Likely Are You To Get Bumped From a Flight?

TGI Flyday! I’m in flight and on my way home for the first time in nearly ten days, and I’m so excited to get back home tonight. This is one of those nights where I don’t want to get home a second later than planned – I am just so excited to get back to my very own bed, especially after sleeping in a twin XL all weekend back at college ;) Ever since the much-publicized United Express incident back {Read More}