Back to Prison: Graduating the First All-Female Defy Colorado Class

Two weeks ago, I took the day off work to be down in Pueblo, Colorado and volunteer in prison with Defy Colorado… and I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my year. I wrote about my first experience with Defy here (please go read that post!), and I’ve gone back a number of times since then. Last winter, I was excited to get to kick off the first female class in Defy Colorado, and I {Read More}

Step to the Line: My First Experiences in Prison

Last week, I had the opportunity to volunteer for the second time with Defy Ventures – an incredible organization with a grand vision of ending mass incarceration and cycles of recidivism. Defy pairs business executives with incarcerated persons who take on new identities as “entrepreneurs-in-training” (EITs). The goal is to defy the odds and help the EITs become successful business owners, employers, parents, and community leaders. While 60% of those released from prison will find themselves back behind bars within {Read More}