Beginning My Perfect Day

When Adam was here over Memorial Day weekend, we spent Monday night cooking together, and decided to do something super cheesy while we cooked. A few months ago, the New York Times published an article called To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This. It goes on to talk about a series of 36 questions designed to help you get to know each other, and also to help you fall in love with each other. We already know each other {Read More}

Iterating on Goal Setting

I spent today at a workshop in California along with my firm’s Human Capital leads from across the globe, and the discussions were fascinating. One of the topics we talked about at length was performance management, and how best to encourage staff to maximize their performance. We’ve recently switched from a traditional performance management system, where reviews are done and goals are set just twice a year, to a new system that emphasizes real-time feedback. It’s been a huge transformation, {Read More}

Colorado Anniversary in the Mountains

This weekend was my one year anniversary of moving to Colorado, and I celebrated in a really awesome and typical-Colorado way: by heading out to the mountains for a weekend of skiing with a huge group of friends! Twelve of us rented a beautiful slopeside condo in Beaver Creek, and had a fabulous weekend skiing and snowshoeing. Plus, our afternoons and evenings were then spent toasting drinks in the hot tub, around the dining room table while playing Cards Against {Read More}

Ski Lesson #3: Don’t Lean Back; Lean In

Between some new exciting things at work, plumbing issues with my townhouse in New York, difficulty getting vendor bids for work on my new house in Colorado, and a lot of travel (friends visiting me + me visiting friends)… it’s been nutty around here. As a result, my routine has been completely thrown off and I haven’t made the time to get a blog post up. I am just proud of myself for at least throwing together Sunday’s links I {Read More}

Overscheduling and Maxing Out My Relationships

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling kind of stressed out and overscheduled. I feel like I haven’t had much time all by myself (this weekend not withstanding), and as my post yesterday illustrated, I’ve been neglecting some of the basic maintenance tasks in my life. For example, I haven’t taken my car to the car wash in months (ew), and the dining room table in my apartment is building up a pretty big stack of papers/bills “to deal {Read More}

Favorite TED Talks of January

I know it took me a while to post my New Year’s resolutions this year! However, my resolution to watch a TED Talk every day is one that I didn’t write about immediately but have been doing pretty solidly since the end of December. It’s been so interesting to start my day learning something new! You can view all of the TED talks I’ve watched on this Google spreadsheet (along with some notes about what I learned or my favorite {Read More}