Weekend Recap: Olsen Lake and Front Range Fun

I headed up to Minturn on Friday at lunchtime, arriving in time to take my final calls of the day from my house there. However, the internet there was being weird, and I had trouble getting my video to work on my final call of the day – frustrating! Although this internet issue has never happened before, I always feel guilty when I work from my mountain house – like I’m playing hooky by being out there rather than at {Read More}

Race Report: Sangre de Cristo 50 Mile

In the days leading up to the Sangre de Cristo, I started getting cold feet… and¬†especially when I started packing. Ultramarathons require so much stuff!! It reminded me of doing a triathlon, in a bad way – one of the things I liked least about doing a tri was how much equipment could make or break your race, and it seemed like that was also the case with doing an ultra. Whatever happened to just putting your sneakers on and {Read More}

Weekend Recap: Committing to an Ultra

My weekend kicked off with a fun (but safe) social event – my best friend Heather’s birthday! We had been discussing for weeks what to do to celebrate, since Heather is equally cautious about COVID, and she ultimately decided she wanted to invite a small group of people to meet for beers on the patio at Four Noses, her favorite brewery. It was wonderful! We had to wait a while (literally 1.5 hours) for a table to open up, but {Read More}

Race Report: NYRR 60K (Part 2)

Continued from NYRR 60K Part 1: I had lined up a wonderful group of friends to run with me for the nine loops, but I would be doing the out-and-back and first two loops solo. The out-and-back was our first segment, meant to tack an extra mile onto the race, and I seemed to take it a lot faster than most of the other runners. Was I going out too fast? My plan had been to do the first two {Read More}

Race Report: NYRR 60K (Part 1)

As I alluded to in my posts / tweets during the week, the night before my 60K, I was terrified. No, this wasn’t my first ultra, but my previous one was only 33 miles (covered as part of a 6 hour race) and it was smack dab in the middle of my 50 states, when I’d say I was in peak marathon shape. This time around, I was going to have to add an extra 11 miles to what I {Read More}

(Not) preparing for an ultramarathon

Well, this weekend didn’t go exactly as planned.¬†BF’s flight was a bit late getting in on Friday night, and that combined with us wanting to finally catch up (I hate being away so many days during the week!) meant I didn’t get to sleep until around 1am. Never mind getting up for 8:30am Tread class! We did get up in time for Flywheel though, which was fantastic. I was so excited to show BF what I’ve been to so many {Read More}

A different marathon goal

My friend Chelsea recently posted an excellent report of the Marine Corps Marathon (her fifth marathon! Congrats, Chelsea!). I love hearing how my friends feel every mile and feeling the excitement as they build to the finish, but in this case, it was her summary at the end that really stood out: My finish time was not my best by far… But just the fact that I finished this thing, that I overcame all of those mental struggles that plagued {Read More}

Ultra Planning

I’ve got the Seafair Marathon coming up in two weeks, yet after doing Saturday’s run… I’m not that excited. I think it will definitely be a challenge, and I would by NO means consider myself a marathon expert, but somehow it just isn’t as exciting as it was when I had never done the distance. I’ve done a marathon now, and I’ve run even further than a marathon in training. There’s no excitement of testing myself and wondering if I {Read More}