Last night when we were out, a guy referred to me as “that fat girl.”

I don’t really like Charleston anymore…


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  2. That was me. too many typos.

    That’s bad! but doesn’t represent the southern hospitality that Charleston is about. He was probably from out of town… :-)

    And from what I’ve read about you, I doubt very seriously that you’re fat. I, on the other hand, need to loose about 25 lbs. ughhhh….

  3. Umm….Charleston is a lot like Savannah (Except we have no open container laws..so u can walk around outside with alcohol) Does that win you over? If not…at least we dont call our skinny visiting runners “fat girls”. P.S. PLEASE run Disney with us next Jan! PLEASE PLEASE! Its 50% full..so you would have to decide soon. But its going to be aweesome and a ton of people are all going to meet up there.

    AWESOME job on the bridge run! I’m so dying for a rematch in the 10K. I just had a horrible run the day I did my 10k…and I just want to slaughter it sooo bad. Hopefully one comes up soon. My friend Theresa did CHarleston this weekend. I can’t wait to see what she ran since we usually run the same times. Way to go get em girl! (the kenyans I mean) haha

  4. What an @ss. I’m sure you are no where near “fat.” I hope you didn’t take that seriously. Sometimes people suck.

  5. What a dick!!! Neither Meghan nor I can believe someone would say that!!! You go girl!!!

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