I’m currently sitting on the sidewalk outside the Marriott, watching fire trucks pull up and firefighters stream into the building.

Around 3:30, a siren started going off in my room. My first thought was, “man, the alarm clock at this hotel is sure annoying.” I then realized it was not, in fact, time to get up, and that it was the fire alarm.

I threw on some gym clothes and my new running sneakers – not because I was so worried about saving them, but because I figured while I was waiting maybe I could get a workout in. Then I forgot my iPod and my RoadID. I wasn’t going running at 4 AM without the latter – I figured my odds of danger were even greater, and if found, I wanted my body to be identified.

I also grabbed my laptop and wireless aircard, so I could blog about the whole thing. Crazy running blogger, eh – when forced to leave a burning building, I grab my running and blogging supplies.

I should never have switched from the Westin. They don’t have fires in the middle of the night. Bad form, Marriott.


  1. Blasphemy. How do you forget your iPod ;-).

    That used to happen all the time at the hotel I lived in for a month over in the UK. That was the worst because the weather was always certain to be crap and the alarm was always certain to be false.

    Good morning sunshine!

  2. I take back my Garmin comment…get a camera, you’ve already got the lights and action. Glad to hear you’re safe, hope it’s a false alarm.

    Nice blogging turnaround from flash to bang though, I mean who runs from a fire at 4am and blogs about it less than 15 mins later!!!

  3. too funny. not the fire, obviously. but shoes and a laptop? says a lot about you. =)

  4. The Westin once left a dried booger like substance stuck to my pillow case.

    I’ll take the fire alarm.

  5. You are a riot. Were you really sitting outside the hotel with your laptop open at 4am?

  6. First, glad you’re safe.

    Second, you are too funny! Way to save the really important stuff. What about your wallet, cc, etc… ? :)

  7. Nice. I live in graduate housing so I feel your pain. Every time someone burns toast the alarm goes off. Sadly, it is a VERY common occurrence. :(

  8. Did you get a workout in? I like your site.

  9. I like those priorities!

    Still, what a pain.

  10. now you have me pondering what Id save.

    my air rifts fo’ shizzle.


  11. Keys, phone, wallet, and ring. That’s my checklist before I leave anywhere. I guess clothing would be an appropriate addition to the list for this situation.

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