Even my new coworkers think I’m nuts

Me: I just said “I hope my flight’s not delayed,” and my coworker goes “why not, you can always just run home.”
Nick: that’s not even funny; i could see you doing that
Nick: i seriously think one day you’ll snap like forrest gump and just start running back and forth across the country


  1. LOL i wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. FUNN-IE!

  3. i saw a Forrest Gump on the Chicago path a few days ago. It could be a sign.

  4. LOL. Too cute.

  5. I love Forrest Gump. Although I hated always being called Jenny, in that annoying slow voice that everyone assumed when saying my name after that movie came out.

    On another note, I have been thinking all week that I was missing something. I finally noticed today that somehow you had been deleted off my blog roll. Damn it, now I have to catch up. That is a lot of crazy to read in one sitting. lol.


  6. LMAO!! Forrest :P

    Ooohhh and I’ve been meaning to ask you about ARE!! What’s the deal-e-o? How do you get in and whatcha do? Is it just a big ole running group? LOL

  7. Ha! Run, runnnnnnnnnn! :)

  8. When the “forth” bit comes round, I’m so there with you.

    I’m not hardcore enough to incorporate both the “back” and “forth” in the same trip.

  9. The people that think we’re crazy make running so much more fun:)

  10. Snap like forrest gump.

    I love nick.
    and anyone who quotes/refers to a movie.

    I run more like hugh grant in ANY movie he’s in…


  11. Well thank you Carla…at least somebody does.

    Also – I can confirm Laura did NOT run home from St. Louis last night. However, the trip may have been more pleasant if she had.

  12. You’d need way more comfortable shoes than those Nike’s Gump was sporting.

    BTW, excellent race report and Congratulations again! That was a great time, literally.

  13. Hey Laura, so will be running the fun run tomorrow on Park Ave with a bunch of Flyers. Come by and say hi. You know how to find me =)

  14. hahahahaha- love it. did he say “no pun intended?” i love puns. hehe

  15. Yoe never no!!!!!.
    And a motorbycicle, see my weblog!.
    Groet Rinus.

  16. Oh oh. Laura: It’s tomorrow. My big FIRST RUN.

    ARGHHHH!!! Words of advice/encouragement please!!!

  17. Laura —congrats on San Francisco marathon and on setting a PR on such a hilly course!!!!!!! I am very jealous as San Francisco is my favorite city –glad you had the energy to get out and enjoy the cty after the race!!

  18. HA! That’s great! Is it bad that I think that sounds like a good time?!

  19. That’s pretty good!

  20. Is that the new post 25 goal?

  21. Don’t give me any new ideas, sRod :)

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