From one challenge to another!

The Worth The Weight Challenge is over, though we’re still waiting for results. I lost 5.8 pounds – incredible!!! My “reach” goal was to lose 4.4 pounds, and I said I would have been happy just losing 2.4, so I totally smashed those goals. While I wait for SLB to come up with his next challenge, I thought I’d finally start the hundred pushup challenge.

I did the test and week 1 day 1 all tonight… I probably wasn’t supposed to do that, but whatever. In the initial test, I did 14 (though I think I probably could have done one or two more – I was exhausted after #14, but didn’t quite collapse). Since week 1 day 1 had me doing 10 as the first level, I figured I could count the 14 as my 10, and then go on from there. And I finished day 1! For the last one, I was supposed to do a max of at least 7, and I did 8. I think that means I’m doing okay. I’ll do day 2 on Wednesday, and I’m super excited! This is a challenge that doesn’t take more than a few minutes each day, and I can do it no matter where I am.

Speaking of which, I am currently in Ithaca in order to recruit for my company at the career fair. This year, I’m serving as the lead on the event, so I have a lot more logistics and whatnot to take care of. It’s also very different from last year because I don’t know almost anyone on campus! My ex is here, and we’re trying to make plans to get dinner and/or drinks one of these nights, but we’re both busy, so we’ll see. I’m hopeful though!

In other news, one of my favorite pledge sisters from my sorority got engaged this weekend too!!! Am I the only single girl left these days? Someone really ought to start an engagement challenge for me :)


  1. Go girl!!! Awesome stuff!

  2. That push-up challenge is tough, so I commend you for your efforts! Woohoo!

  3. I second the engagement challenge! I have been with my man for two years and although we know it’s going to happen he has yet to actually propose. He keeps saying he wants to have it be romantic and surprise me but I keep telling in that he will never surprise me and that I don’t need romantic.

    He is an oldfashioned kind of gentlemen though and insists!


    P.S. I recommend a ren fair if you ever get the chance! they are so fun. The Michigan Ren Fair is anyway.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! That rocks! And good luck with the push up challenge

  5. Oy, I knew there was a Challenge I was forgetting about *sigh* I’m so behind on the Push Up Challenge. YIKES!

  6. Engagement challenge!

    No, you certainly are NOT the only single girl out there.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! That’s great, especially with how hard your work makes it to eat healthy. I’ve been thinking about starting that push up challenge too.

  8. Just wondering . . . what sorority?

  9. Oh, great, not another push-upper … good luck! I guess I’ll be the only blogger not pushing myself up from the ground–well, at least, not as exercise.

  10. Hahahaha…trust me, you are NOT the only girl not engaged! : )

    Oh – and what all did you do to get motivated for your weight loss? Any tips would be awesome!

  11. Hahahaha…trust me, you are NOT the only girl not engaged! : )

    Oh – and what all did you do to get motivated for your weight loss? Any tips would be awesome!

  12. You so slammed that weightloss challenge! Thumbs up!!!

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