The most beautiful run

Today’s Runners’ Lounge Take It And Run Thursday topic is Your Favorite Run in Pictures. This wasn’t my favorite run, per se, as I ended up walking the last 20 miles of it, but it was by far my favorite course. Absolutely stunningly beautiful! And I promised I’d post the pictures eventually, so this is a great chance to do it.

The hilarious gas station across from my hotel

Getting off the bus at the start of the race

This was taken from the starting line (literally, a line drawn in the dirt) a few seconds before the countdown to the start. I didn’t realize that we were so close to starting, and neither did anyone else!

This is pretty typical of the scenery for most of the course. I know it looks kind of boring, but believe me, it was breathtaking!

I think I’m going to get this blown up and framed. Beautiful wide open horizon, and a few runners in the distance!

As a bonus, I took a whining video about how much I wanted to run. It’s pretty bouncy, and my upset chatter is pretty annoying, but still kind of cool that you can see where I was.

This post was written as a part of Runners’ Lounge’s Take It And Run Thursday, in which runners from all across the running blogging community come together to post about a single topic. This week’s theme was Your Favorite Run in Pictures.


  1. I like the pics. and it was cool hearing the voice behind absolut(ly) fit. Sorry about the knee and hope you are back out there again soon.

  2. The weird thing is, my voice doesn’t really sound like that. Apparently when I am running and upset and talking, my voice is higher pitched than usual. I will have to take another video someday with my voice in normal mode :)

  3. Wow Laura, it looks beautiful but so sparse!!! Nobody around?? I may have cried at that point but you are much braver than i am!!!

    Nice video though!!


  4. It really does look like a breathtaking landscape to run a marathon – really reminds me how little we really are when in such vast spaces. Thanks!

  5. I had a hard time with this marathon, too ~ only, it wasn’t my knee, it was the altitude! It was a reality check for me that I need to do more speedwork, or I’m going to get even slower. (I finished WAY behind you, even with my good knees!)

    The beauty of the course really was hard to photograph, wasn’t it! We should have had panoramic cameras.

    Whenever I drive anywhere, I refuse to stop at a Kum & Go station! It’s just gross! :-) They are all over Iowa.

  6. I too have considered learning to run on my hands…

    Great pics.

  7. Nice pics – good idea – kind of a visual of your run. : )

  8. Hahahahah, it was a funny post, I like it!!!,

    Keep up the excellent work!!

  9. Scenery looks awesome, I love those “you can see for two days in every direction” landscapes, it was really not what I was expecting from that State, kudos for gutting it out.

  10. Beautiful. I can feel the air and serenity. Thanks for sharing!

    PS…Kum and Go’s owner and HQ is right here in my home town of Des Moines IA. One on every corner…. :}

  11. amazing pics laura!! that race looks so awesome.

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