Work can be funny sometimes

(On the company IM)
Ethan [9:36 PM]: Hey laura – quick question
Laura [9:36 PM]: Sure, what’s up?
Ethan [9:36 PM]: I forgot how to check my firm voice mail
Laura [9:36 PM]: I have no idea either – haven’t done it in 6 months or so
Ethan [9:36 PM]: me too…
Laura [9:36 PM]: I think Liza checks hers once a month – you could try her?
Ethan [9:36 PM]: ok, thanks

In other work-related news, I am still at the office even though I was promised we would be done super early today because of our all-nighter last night. I haven’t eaten dinner, and no one is even making a move to leave or to order takeout. And yes, I am cranky about all of this.


  1. 6 months? WTF?

    I’ve been skipping the group runs lately because they don’t start until 9am and with 15+ mile runs I can’t start that late. If you’re up for an 18-miler on Saturday morning maybe we can meet up at 8am?

  2. I’d be cranky, too!! And, I don’t listen to my work vm, either!!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I whirled up a batch of kale-banana smoothie this morning and OH MY GOD it was fabulous. I wish I had started making them sooner when I was getting massive piles of kale every week from my farm share (it’s almost over– sob). I would never have thought to do this if you hadn’t posted about it. So thanks!!

  4. Sounds like a rough day at the office! All the best with that…

    And thanks for the advice… I will try my iPod first… and I will test my next event without music…

    All the best!

  5. I’d be cranky too…do NOT get in the way of me and food.

  6. ugh… Hunger bums me out. My tummy prays for your tummy ;-)

  7. Yes, work does suck! And I have been spending far too much time AT WORK reading your blog! Oops.. :) You now unfortunately have me hooked on several others…

  8. Uh oh… hang in there, Laura!

    BTW – Good luck at Akron! Cleveland is my hometown so I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Sounds like one I might want to try one year…

  9. Hi laura! Single from referred me to your blog. You seem really cool. Come check out my blog if you want!

  10. i HAVE to listen to my work vm… not that i get that many messages, but my clients would be PISSED if i didn’t get back to them asap. needy clients. =P

  11. Does anybody use a landline phone anymore?

    I guess if you have a corner office with the window open you could use it as a paperweight?

  12. ugg, I hope the 2 magical words were said…”billable hours.”

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