Damn Cookies

I ate two chocolate chip cookies last night. Yes, I know that was stupid. Yes, it did cause an unplanned ten minute emergency bathroom stop at mile 16 (which would have been only five minutes if there hadn’t been a freaking spectator in there holding up the line). No, it didn’t stop me from glomming down more cookies at the finish line.

I still finished in 4:22:23… not bad for the weekend after Akron! And not much knee pain either :)

Thank you to someone who cheered “go Laura” around mile 18. I was a bit delirious and couldn’t really get a good luck at who it was, but I’m assuming it was one of you because my name wasn’t on my bib.

Gotta go get ready for the drive to Seattle and then my red eye back to the East Coast…


  1. Geez, I skip reading blogs for a few days and you’ve run two!

    Way to go, Laura!

  2. Nice job on consecutive weekend races.

  3. Laura, congrats on running another good race. Do you already have your next one picked out? I bet you do:-)

  4. Way to go!!!!

  5. Sweet job chica! Very nice, very nice!

  6. awesome job laura!!! congrats on another state checked off!

  7. congrats on the marathon – it was Sarah at Junk Miles who recognized you! It was fun to cheer for all the running bloggers today.

  8. That’s right – it was me! Crazy stalker :) So sad I didn’t meet you in real life but I’m AMAZED I recognized you running by :) Good work!!

  9. Good work! I looked for you, but never saw you. There were a lot of marathon maniacs out there.

  10. You’re amazing – how in the world do you do it?

    Great job on your marathon! And I also can’t wait to find out what your next one is…

  11. Great job, Laura! I am just in awe of you right now.

    So, when’s the next one? :)

  12. congrats on the marathon and a good time.
    Nice pics and Finish foto!.
    Groet Rinus.

  13. OK, beef: Those final hills after the bridge were SO NOT ON THE ELEVATION PROFILE. I had no idea… I was told that after St Johns it was downhill. I thought that was a little “not” downhill but hey, that’s just me ;-).

    I can’t believe we saw eachother on the course! My phone so shorted out from all the sweat and the rain – sorry we couldn’t meet up. But I was a full hour behind you :-(!

  14. Great job!!!

    Are you still considering the Route 66 marathon? I think I’m in for the 1/2!

  15. Congrats on all your marathons! I can’t believe you have the energy to do all of them. I run 12 miles and I am beat!

  16. Nice time and cookies sound yummy right now, lol. Congrats on another well run race!

  17. You are incredible!! My thighs ache just thinking about two weekends in a row. Great job!

  18. uh oh.
    is it wrong that I thought:

    just 2?

    congrats on the runnage.


  19. Way to go on the marathon. I am running my second half in 2 weeks and I am super scared!!

  20. Thanks, I love anyone that talks fitness, and life, and combines the two! I am adding you to my roll!

  21. Repeat after me: Cookies are OK.

  22. Great job on the Akron marathon! You just amaze me! I may just have to be a spectator when you hit the Maryland/Virginia area…

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