A look into my bedroom and my Sunday

I have a new addition to my room. I ordered it online while drunk about a month ago and it came promptly, but finally today I took the time to color it in and put it up.

Montana and Texas have now become high priority states for me to run. Look how much white I’ll get to fill in if I run those! This map also makes me feel better about not doing Delaware yesterday – you can barely see Delaware on the map.

Speaking of which, I went to the doctor yesterday. After a brief round of asking me about my symptoms (“just tired”) and my mental health (“of course I’m worried about my job… is there anyone in New York City whose job is safe?” I swear, this is how the whole city looks lately), she drew blood to be sent to be tested for about 8 kajillion illnesses that run the gamut from mono to lead poisoning. In order to test for all 8 kajillion things though, she had to take eleven vials of blood. ELEVEN. The 8 kajillion may be an exaggeration, but the eleven is for real – I counted when the nurse started pulling them out. I was a brave girl and consented (but only after getting reassurance that it would be just one needle. I think my exact words were, “go ahead and suck me dry but you’re only sticking me once”). Have I mentioned that needles make me cry? Odd, considering my high tolerance for most pain.

Anyway, I’ll go back for a follow up appointment on December 3 to find out what’s going on. Yes, that is after the Atlanta Marathon. I chose not to ask her if it was okay to participate, because let’s face it, I’m running it regardless of what she says. Getting to color Georgia in pink will fill in the big blank white Southeast very nicely!

Getting my camera out to take pictures of my new map prompted me to also take some pictures of my room. My new TV isn’t wall mounted yet because I need to get one of the building handymen to help me find the studs (Boyfriend and I tried using a studfinder, but whenever we drilled where it found us studs, we’d punch through a thin sheet of what seemed like metal, and find no beam behind it). You can see in my pics that I have it sitting on the dresser temporarily, which isn’t quite as cool, but I’m still excited to be able to hook my computer up to it and have two screens going simultaneously. This is especially great with my current work-from-home situation, because I can have House playing in the background while I work.

But anyway! Thank you all for helping me pick the paint colors – the blue didn’t end up matching my bedspread perfectly, but I still think it’s an absolutely gorgeous shade of blue, and the wheat is totally warm and inviting. I love my room :)

And finally, did you notice the DVD on the bed? Boyfriend has to work today, but his best friend is coming over to watch Mean Girls (his first time!) and play the Mean Girls drinking game with me. Yes, at 1:00 PM. I don’t think I’ve done this since junior year of college when I had a pretty bad breakup and played the drinking game four times in a row (with different friends each time). 388 minutes of pink girliness and alcoholic deliciousness is the best way I’ve ever come up with to forget my problems.

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I love the map – Such a good idea to keep track of your states and keep you motivated!

  2. Cool map! I look forward to seeing you fill in the states. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  3. What is the Mean Girls drinking game?!?! I have to do this, immediately. I loooove that movie. Sounds like the perfect sunday afternoon to me :). can’t wait to see some updates of the map too, that’s gonna be filled up soon enough.

  4. Love the map. Great way to track your progress and encourage you to keep going.

  5. I love that map. It reminds me of a map my husband and I have of the world. We have colored pins where we have gone by ourselves or with each other. I like the colors better.

    However, I think you missed Wyoming! You struggled so much with that race and talk so much about how pretty it was.

    I hope you feel better!

  6. Are there marathons that start in one state and end in another? That way you could kill two birds…

  7. How do you manage to keep your room so neat and clutter free???

  8. Tidy people scare me ;-)

  9. I used to have a map like that in my pod at work! I colored the states based on the first year I ran them (pink = 2004, yellow = 2005, purple = 2006, blue = 2007.

    I just dug it out to take a picture, and I realize I need to update it – added Colorado in 2008!


  10. LOVE the map :) how fun!!

  11. LOVE the map! You rroom looks great too.

    Way to hang in there through 11 (ELEVEN?!???) viles of blood. Eek!

  12. Your bedroom looks fantastic! Love it. And I had no idea Mean Girls had a drinking game. Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon to me! :)

  13. Mean Girls is fantastic. Excellent call.

    I love how your room is decorated. It’s so girly!

  14. Thanks for putting up the room photos. Fun to see what it looks like after the painting and all. And the tv looks like a pretty sweet accessory to the room.

  15. I love that map!! Where did you order it from? I think I need one of my own. :-)

    Btw, love those pillow shams! (Or pillow cases??)

    I hope the doctor has good news on Dec 3rd, too!

  16. awesome map, that’s fantastic motivation. Now on the doctor side..is it possible your body is a wee bit tired from the marathons? I know that it in theory causes muscle damage to race that far and some recupperation time might be what you need? And or I’ve heard of people who used to eat raw going back to cooked foods and feeling the exact same way…I hope it’s something easy for your sake!

  17. Love the map! Have you started thinking strategy (now that you’re about 20% done)? I know you have a time goal, so have you started thinking about times of year (for instance alot of summer states only have winter marathons and vice versa) and states with few marathons (I think NH only has 3)? What’s on deck after Georgia?

  18. great idea with the map – your room is so bright – i really like it.

  19. Love the map!! That is a very cool idea!!!

    Hope all your gagillion tests come back NEGATIVE!!!

    Your room looks lovely and oh so clean!! Wish i could say the same for mine!!!

    Have a great day and good luck chica in the marathon!!!

  20. Holy crap, that is one big-ass TV.

    And 11 vials of blood? Seriously? Sure they’re not selling it on the black market. You know, what with the current vampire craze and all…

    Feel better.

  21. HA, I didn’t even realize that there was a website about brokers with their hands on their faces!! I recently posted about how funny they always look:


    Don’t lose any sleep over the economy. I too work for one of the big 3 firms (or is it big 4 or 5…..) and am feeling the pinch. Whenever I am stressed I just do speedwork! It is the best! :)

  22. Very cool map – I think I’ll try that but I’ll probably just have to use races in general since I have yet to run my first marathon.

    On the stud finding thing – you could very well have metal studs in your walls, although usually residential construction uses wood. I work in commercial real estate and metal is what we use.

    If that’s the case you might be able to hang it from the ceiling instead.

  23. Mean Girls and drinking game? I’m soooo coming over. ha ha.

  24. Hey nice addition to your room…where did you get that thing?

    Heard your voice on Podcast with Lam…I think you have a very nice soft sexy voice there…

    Don’t worry I won’t get any ideas, I know you have a boy…

    So where did you get the map?

  25. Just found your blog and love it!
    Can’t wait to read more – all of your runs are so motivating. Keep it up, and best of luck!

  26. Laura –Frank (RunDangerously) should get that map!! Hope you get to the bottom of your fatigue –it’s a very real problem for stressed out runners. Low blood iron?? I love your blog entries –the mean girls’ drinking game sounds like great fun!!
    Will you be racing (NYRRC events)in Dec…??

  27. The map is a great idea but my word, I would be so overwhelmed. HAH!!

  28. Your room makes we want to take a nap. That’s a compliment.

  29. I wanna hear about the drinking game rules too!

    I love your room, the colors are gorgeous and still, so cozy!

  30. Hi, I just came across your blog and I wanted to wish you good luck on your quest. Hope all is good when you go back to the doc.

  31. You need to have Alaska in proportion to rest of the country. One race and you cover half of the US’s soil in pink.

  32. Where did you say that you got this map? I’m looking to buy something like this and can’t seem to find one for the life of me. Feel free to reply or email me at adam.ricklefs at gmail.com

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