I am not thankful for…

Nearly passing out from exhaustion while simply walking across the office, and having to schedule a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow instead of running the marathon.


  1. oh no! I hope everything is ok. rest up this weekend!

  2. So sorry to hear that – please feel better soon! Hope everything is alright.

  3. (((HUGS))) Ooohh no chica!! I hope you’re alright!!

  4. Oh yeah girl, get that sorted out ASAP. Get well soon!

  5. Too much stress. I think you need to take some downtime for a while. Feel better soon.

  6. take care of yourself and feel better soon! the dr is the first step to recovery.

  7. Be well chica!!!

    Keep us posted on doctor visit!!

  8. Yikes…I know exactly what you mean. About ten minutes ago I told a coworker I was dizzy from lack of sleep and they looked at me like they didn’t know what I was talking about. Take it easy and rent a couple of movies!!

  9. Oh no!! You poor thing! Definitely go see the doctor . . . and take it easy this weekend! I hope you feel better soon!!

  10. Oh no… I hope you feel better! Let us know what the doctor says!

  11. I felt like that yesterday morning and called in sick. I hope you feel better!

  12. Hope everything is ok.

  13. that is crappy! I am so sorry. I hope you get all better very soon.

  14. take is easy girlie!! rest up and feel better soon!

  15. hope everything is OK. Maybe you’re burned out, too. Keep your head up!

  16. I’m sorry. :( Hope everything is OK. Take care of yourself!

  17. I hope the doc has some answers for you!!!

  18. I hope you’re ok!!!

  19. Oh goodness; that’s scary! I hope it’s okay. Take it easy!

  20. That’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down.

    Feel better!

  21. Please get well soon. Take care of yourself, girl!

  22. rest up girly! we need you strong and healthy to keep us all going..haha. No pressure..

  23. I hope you are OK. Rest up and please keep us posted!

  24. Sounds like some kind of fatigue syndrome… hope not. Hope you will come out with flying colors after your dr. appt. Rest well !!!

  25. Hugs and good wishes to you. I’m so sorry. I just went through a month long break from running, and although it sucked, I’m surprised to still have most of my running faculties as I start back up.

    So give yourself some time and space to get better. You’ll be rarin’ to go *once* you’re recovered!

  26. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!!

  27. oh no, that stinks, but you know your body is telling you something, take it a bit slower, you don’t want to exhaust yourself, you’re doing too much!

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