Pop quiz time!

You’re at Laguardia Airport. You spent the car ride over here with the windows rolled down completely in an attempt to stop sweating, while you alternated between feeling you were going to vomit and feeling you were going to pass out. All this while trying to sound on a conference call like you are fine and not sick and a good sport. You make it through security without incident, and are now at the food court. You want to find something that will fill you up, provide nutrition as it is your only dinner, and soothe your stomach. Nowhere is chicken noodle soup sold. Where do you go?

From left to right:
a) McDonalds for chicken McNuggets. Hey, if you can’t have chicken noodle soup, fried chicken is the next best option.
b) Mex and the City. Maybe if you get enough refried beans you can flush the sickness right out of you.
c) Joey’s Pizza. If you’re going to throw up anyway, go for the greasiest treat!
d) Papaya King. The smoothies may be full of sugar and nauseatingly sweet, but maybe the cold will numb your throat.
e) Sky Asian Bistro. Chicken and broccoli is healthy… oh wait, you can’t have broccoli. All right, new choices are egg drop soup or sweet and sour soup. Please note that both of those make you sick even when you’re in the best of health, and there is no wonton soup on the menu.
f) Cibo Bistro and Wine Bar. Hey, if you’re going to throw up, it might as well be due to some delicious alcohol.
g) None of the above. Starving is your best option.
h) Any of the above. It doesn’t matter what you pick because you’re going to be using your barf bag on the plane anyway.


  1. Uuuugghhh…that sucks. For some reason when that happens to me at airports, I end up finding a baked potato (totally random, but it’s happened at least 3 times) and a diet pepsi….hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. G or H!! I’m sorry chica :-(

  3. Oh yuck! I would go for G and hope you can hold it! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Feel better – try the soup at the asian bistro??

  5. Ooh, that totally sucks. Personally, I’m going to Mex in the City for no other reason than the name entertains me. I’m easy like that.

  6. Poor thing. I’d go starving!

    Sorry chica. Is there a Starbucks? You could get some tea =).

  7. Fruit smoothie place. It’s already blended so it’ll be easier when the puking does happen. The bigger plus: you can to take it to the bar, throw in a few shots, and pass out for the duration of the flight.
    Feel better!

  8. Ugh. I’d wait for the GingerAle on the plane and then try to sleep off the sickness. There are few things worse than having to travel when you’re ill. Feel better soon!

  9. I got for the sugar everytime.


    and then I lie to myself about what’s in it.

  10. smoothie. Hold the ‘turbinado’. The fact that smoothie companies had to come up with a new word for ‘sugar’ is just weird. Anyway- I get them without that all the time….cuts the calories and the sweetness in half.

  11. Yikes… hope you feel better!

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  13. G.

    And prepare for the dry-yucks!

    Grab some ginger ale on the plane.

    Feel better!

  14. I’m torn between G and H. Since I hate throwing up almost more than anything else in this world, I’d go with G.

    Good luck and feel better soon.

  15. Poor baby!

    I’d get the smoothie.

  16. That’s a doozie. Hate airport food. I guess I’d go to the little newsstand store and get a back of crackers or some kind of granola bar, trail mix, etc. Otherwise, I guess a fruit smoothie would be fairly easy on the stomach. Hang in there! You need to get better. I think your bod is saying it needs a break.

  17. I give up…McDonalds? Feel better lady…ginger ale is the ticket.

  18. I vote for A. And then go buy a couple of gallons of Ginger Ale and a few extra barf bags.

    hope you feel better!

  19. Ouch, getting on a flight when you’re sick is the worst. I hope you made it okay and didn’t get too sick!

  20. None of the above!!

    Sorry chica!

    I hope you feel better very fast!!!

    Ginger ale and some crackers perhaps???

  21. Well McDonald’s cures the hangover sickness, but I don’t know about real sickness. Yuck. Maybe the convenince store for some sprite and a banana from a yogurt shop?

  22. just found your blog, love the pop quiz….I think I’d opt for the smoothie….like your blog…hope you feel better..

  23. YUCK!

    I would just buy a box of saltines from the gift shop (every airport has one, right?) and get lots of ginger ale on the flight.

    Fell better!

  24. oooh and I came back for the answer?

    not yet?

    **drums fingers on desk**

  25. girl i think you need a week off to just get your body all back in shape and feeling good!

  26. I say just get drunk. That way you don’t remember the barfing. It’s a win win really.

  27. You are such an ispiration to me! I am amazed at your strength and efforts! I have been reading your tales of marathoning for awhile and just wanted to pop in and say hi!

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