What goes up, must come down

Tried to go to work. Well, actually tried to go to Ash Wednesday services and then work, but whatever – I never made it to either place. I woke up feeling really sick to my stomach (yes, I was drinking last night, but certainly not enough to cause any kind of hangover). However, I am so out of it now today. I called in sick to work, and am just lying in bed trying to figure out what to do.

…six hours later…

Woke up groggily and it’s 4 PM. I am so mad that I lost the whole day! I get very few vacation days, and I’m frustrated that I just frittered one away by sleeping. Now I have a new potential roommate coming to check out the apartment/meet me, so I’ll do that, but that will pretty much be it for my day.

I need another day like yesterday when I got lots done and felt pretty accomplished. Hopefully tomorrow?

Thank you all for your encouraging comments… they really cheered me up.


  1. You probably needed the rest! And now that you’re good and rested, you can be super-productive tomorrow :)

    Feel better!

  2. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and getting the rest you need. Just kick butt tomorrow.

  3. Winter = counter productivity. It’s slushy and disgusting outside anyway. Rest up, spring will be here soon :)

  4. Sometimes you just need a down day, (or five). But then you bounce right back.

  5. Feel better girl! Sometimes we all just need a day to rest up.

  6. Rest is a good thing! Hope you are all better by the weekend and can live it up.

  7. glad you’re back! sorry you’ve been feeling so yucky. hopefully with rest and spring on its way, you’ll feel better.

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