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I’m back from Kansas! Race report to come, but the short version is that it went fine and I finished right on my 4:20 pace. So after the race… I got home around 8:30pm, managed to again use my superpower to eat, get unpacked, and get dressed to go out in 30 minutes flat. Bam! I am pretty awesome at being low-maintenance :)

I intended to just go out and not drink, since I’ve had this nasty cold for about a week that I can’t seem to shake. But you all know me: if I’m out and everyone else is drinking, who am I to be a Prohibitionist? I kept it pretty tame for a Saturday night though, just having one mixed drink (Sex on the Beach has vitamin C, so clearly it was healthy) and two beers. But this morning when I woke up, I discovered something unusual: apparently drinking and running marathons is a cure for the common cold! It’s not totally gone, but I feel a thousand times better than I have in the last week (despite my attempts to get some rest and eat pretty healthfully). So if you have a cold you just can’t shake, what are you waiting for – go toss back a few shots of Cuervo and jump on the treadmill (though maybe not in that order)! You know I don’t call my blog Absolut(ly) Fit for nothing :)
As of this morning, however, I am back to trying to eat as healthfully as possible. Newbies might think this is because I’m running two marathons this weekend (Charlottesville on Saturday, Boston on Monday), but long-time readers knows it takes more than a few marathons to scare me into avoiding either alcohol or drinking. To explain what’s motivating me, I’ll have to give up a little part of the big reveal I hinted about a few weeks ago.
I’ve been selected to do a major marketing campaign and tell my apparently inspirational story of how I went from not running to being on my quest to be the youngest female fifty stater. Now, I can’t tell any more details than that until the campaign actually launches in June, so no questions please… but just stay tuned :)
Right now, however, I have the photo shoot coming up this Friday, and I want to look my absolute best. I definitely plan to spend the week hitting the gym and getting a good night’s sleep every night, but what should I do about food? My plan was just to cut dry carbs (bread, pasta, crackers, rice, etc) completely, cook every meal myself (with no salt… not that I normally use that much salt anyway), and just generally stick to eating fruits, veggies, and lean protein for the week. I know that crash dieting doesn’t work in the long-term, but I’m not really looking to drop real weight… just want to get the water weight down and the sculpted muscles (ha) up so I can look as fantastic as possible for this photo shoot. Any advice?
Oh, and while I’m soliciting your feedback, I could use a little marketing help of my own. I can’t come up with a shorter way to phrase my soon-to-be title, the youngest female to run a marathon in all 50 states. Even my Facebook fan page just sounds stupid. Help?


  1. How old will you be when you run the Minnesota race? I’ll try to think of a catchy name for your record.

  2. Pat, I’ll be 24… it’s one month before my 25th birthday. So… 50 by 25 :)

  3. “50 by 25” sounds like a great way to express your title!

  4. I really like “50 by 25” or “Youngest Female: 50 Marathons 50 States” or something… I dunno!

    Very cool about the marketing campaign though!

  5. How about Youngest Female Fifty Stater ?

    Congrats on the marketing campaign. Well deserved! :D

  6. I totally just became your Facebook fan. Awesome.

  7. Wow that marketing thing sounds amazing! Good luck with the eating good this week! I would say eat lots of fruits! I think that helps to fill me up when i get a craving for candy or sweet stuff! Good luck with the two marathons this weekend!

  8. I can’t help you with the title (I’m horrible at that creative stuff!), but I wanted to tell you that your goal is awesome and your attitude is inspriring. Knock em dead!

  9. Can’t wait to hear more about the marketing campaign! I’m sure you will look awesome in your photo shoot.

  10. How about – I’m a Girl and I Rule. Ha ha… just kidding. Kind of. :)

  11. What a cool opportunity! Good luck.

  12. This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store|!!

  13. Playing off of the 25 years old… What about “50 states in half the years!”

    Either that, or “First Female Fifty Finisher!”

    Obvs, I’m a sucker for alliteration….and !!! points.

  14. Is the female part important? Because I like “Youngest 50 State Marathoner”… or perhaps, Youngest 50 State Marathoner* (*female). ;-)

    Water-based foods are the best…cucumbers, watermelons, etc. Also, I highly recommend Nivea bronzing/firming lotion…does great to smooth and tone the skin! xoxo Kel

  15. You are going to be the “Youngest to Mordorski”.

    Mordorski was the first woman to do 50 states. She was also the first to do 50 states twice and is on her way to being the first woman to do 50 states thrice.

    I like honoring history and this would be a way to do that. Now whenever a woman does 50 states, they will say she “Mordorski’d”.

    Read about Sharon and her sister here:

  16. wow–congrats on the marketing campaign! and have fun @ the photo shoot!

  17. I’ll be downtown for tomorrow’s 5K and blogger meet-up… will you be there?!? Hope so!

  18. “Touring the U.S. One Marathon at a Time” Maybe? Because then the description could bring in the facts of being the youngest female to accomplish that goal. :D

    Pretty impressive!

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