New digs, new gym

First night at my new home (the Westin in DC), and I immediately headed down to the gym to check out the equipment. Not too shabby – there’s a multipurpose weight machine, a pretty extensive set of dumbbells, four treadmills, three ellipticals, two stationary bikes, and a stair stepper. The nice part of all this is it’s spread out in a multi-level room that extends around several corners, so you don’t feel boxed in at all, and there is a separate mirrored room in the back with some mats and exercise balls. And this weird donut ring thing.

For size comparison, it’s next to an exercise ball (like the kind you sit on) and a partially-rolled up yoga mat. And it’s made out of a foam that reminds me of my foam roller – but I would have no idea how to roll myself with that. Anyone know what the heck that is?


  1. is it a ring so that you can put the excercise ball into it and it wont roll? for the unbalanced ball users?

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