30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout

Last night, despite doing Flywheel in the morning, I was itching for some heart-pounding cardio. When my team dinner got canceled at the last minute, I suddenly found myself with plenty of time! But I still wanted to enjoy my night and have time for other things (you have not experienced true peace/luxury until you have taken yourself out to dinner with just a book for company).

Result? The following. (Pick the machine of your choice and give it a go.)

The time flew by incredibly quickly, thanks in part to an engaging episode of Revenge, and in part because I was watching the clock not for it to get to the full 30 minutes (forever away at the beginning of a workout!), but just for the current interval to end. The short intervals made it go by in a snap, and before I knew it, I was done – but I had still managed to work up quite a sweat.

And I’m out!


  1. I agree! More often than not I find myself just praying for the workout to end (I hate the dreadmill with everything I possess) so the short intervals would probably help break up the monotony perfectly :)

  2. Those hard-hitting 30 minute routines are quite the rush. I have a personal favorite of my own, as well.

    Also, thanks for sharing that dinner/book personal time. I do that about once a month, and, even though I really enjoy it, I always feel a little self-conscious.

  3. Emily, I am TOTALLY with you on calling it the dreadmill. If I don’t run outside, chances are, I don’t run.

    Danny, what’s your favorite routine? As far as the solo dinner, I still remember about 5 years ago when I was terrified to go to dinner by myself, and made it a huge production to pick a restaurant where I could sit at the bar, etc. Now I sometimes do it even in my hometown – it’s very relaxing!

  4. With all the push-ups you do, you may like this one: 5 sets of 5:00/:30/20, that is five cycles of five minutes of jogging, thirty seconds of fast running/sprint, and 20 push-ups (5 x 6 = 30).

  5. Oof, I am slacking on pushups lately – but that sounds awesome!

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